Competitive Analysis for an IT Security Company

  • Competitive Analysis for an IT security company

Competitive Analysis for an IT Security Company

BizzBee team successfully performed market research and competitive analysis for an IT security company, specifically CodeSealer.

CodeSealer has been part of a sector solution and working in the cybersecurity domain for more than 5 years. They are processing more than 30 million transactions per day invisibly defending customers from today’s crippling browser security threats. Above all, their main goal is to eliminate Man-in-the-Middle attack and Man-in-the-Browser vulnerabilities.
Our client needed a Competitive Analysis in order to get an overview of the competitors (and co-petitors/potential partners) within their specialised IT Security domain. So, we first did that.
The analysis included :
– Identifying competitors (Company name, website, contact info, LinkedIn and other basic info);
– Core value propositions on related service/product;
– Pros/Cons;
– Pricing data if possible.

The client was very satisfied with the finding so he came with another request for Market Research for the biggest Cloud Providers (GCP, AWS, and Azure).

The research included:
1. Cloud provider basic security offering
2. Partner identification
3. Partner comparison


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