Competitive Analysis for a Fin-Tech Business

  • Competitive analysis for a fin-tech business

Competitive Analysis for a Fin-Tech Business

Our team did a competitive analysis for a fin-tech business, based in Israel. Tarya’s Financial Platform as a Service (F-PaaS) offers a full-suite solution to businesses, and at the same time – solving and correcting financial barriers that have remained without a solution in the traditional banking world.

They operate the largest alternative investment (P2P) platform in Israel.

In order to grow and expand, they needed us to conduct a market analysis of their competitors.

We did a screening of the competition – with quite systematic coverage of the world. After they’ve approved the competitors as relevant, we went over each competitor and saw what their main features and modules are. In addition, that could help them better understand their positioning. The output was a spreadsheet with a feature comparison of them and their competitors.

For Tarya, we simultaneously created 2 matrixes, one for developing countries (Africa), and one for developed countries (Europe).


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