Competition Analysis for a P2P Platform

  • Competition analysis for a p2p platform

Competition Analysis for a P2P Platform

Our team did research and competition analysis for a p2p platform from Israel.

WeFix is a consumer electronic company that offers a platform connecting service providers with recipients – with the main niche on handyman (painters, plumbers, etc.). Hence, WeFix gives you the opportunity to find people, who are not professional, but know very good what they’re doing, and willing to charge much less than a professional.

As the client was interested in going global, we needed to overview other companies/platforms that provide the same solutions.

They requested a list of the top 20-50 platforms with the following information:

  • What is the platform doing?
  • What services do they give (who is their target market)?
  • Where are they located?
  • Which countries do they operate in?
  • What is their valuation?
  • Features;
  • Business Model;
  • How much money have they raised?

At first, we screened the web for all platforms. Then waited for confirmation from the client and finally, we did an overview of the shortlisted companies by the required info mentioned above.



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