Email Outreach for Global Gaming Expo Event

Email Outreach for Global Gaming Expo Event

Our client and individual entrepreneur from the UK was organizing a Global Gaming Expo in Monte Carlo and needed our help with email outreach. They had a massive list of contacts that needed to be invited to the prominent event. Firstly, we verified all the emails and organized the relevant leads. After that, we checked and corrected the content of the invitation letter for the outreach. Once we had the list and content ready and inspected, we sent the first e-blast. After a couple of days, we sent the second one. We repeated this process with every list that the client provided. At the end of the project, we had sent more than 12.000 emails.

Beside the Email Outreach for the Global Gaming Expo Event, the client also requested our Lead Generation service. That resulted in a brand-new list of 277 contacts.

Testimonial: “After 9 projects their work is consistently excellent, no matter how difficult the task or how short the deadline. We REEEALLLYYY appreciate them working with our deadlines. As always we received some great suggestions and advice that make our campaigns more successful. We will definitely continue working with them and are warmly recommending to others.”


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Individual Entrepreneur


United Kingdom


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