Business Plan for Furniture Business

  • Business Plan for furniture business

Business Plan for Furniture Business

We did a business plan for furniture business. Specifically – Urban denCITY. The idea behind this business is to afford customers in urban/gentrified areas multipurpose modern designs. Designs that can stack, store, fold, nest and collapse.

We have delivered a comprehensive Business Plan and a Pitch Deck. In addition, in the first part of the Business Plan, we provided an analytical overview of the multifunctional furniture in the U.S. and NY. Also, we did an insight into the customers’ preferences, as well as an analysis of the competitors.

We delivered PEST analysis and a Porter 5 forces analysis for New York, from the furniture industry’s perspective. The next part was the Internal Analysis where we presented information about areas of the strategic planning of the business. The final part of the Business Plan was a financial plan which was a comprehensive evaluation of urban denCITY’s financial health.

All the information from the Business Plan was duly organized in a professionally made Pitch Deck.

Check out this infographic to see why you should always do a business plan.



Client name

Urban denCITY


New York, USA