Business Plan for SMS Marketing

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Business Plan for SMS Marketing

Did you know that 90% of the text messages we receive are read within 3 minutes of receiving?
Pretty impressive, right? But since you are here, I assume you already are familiar with it, as our client was, back in 2008.
As an entrepreneur with an exceptional idea, our client required a Business plan for their SMS marketing agency, that will help them grow.

Work and pioneering results:

Since our client requested a business plan for their SMS marketing idea,  our bees’ needed to do broad research on the mobile marketing industry on the Balkan. For the requirements of the research, they have also done direct interviews with the local population. As a result, the research became a jumping-off point that helped our client develop the first SMS advertising agency on the Balkan.

Testimonial: “I don’t think we would have survived if it wasn’t the service from BizzBee Solutions. Thanks to their business understanding, mentorship and guidance, we were able to capture the opportunity on the market.”

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North Macedonia, Skopje