Business Plan for Cannabis E-commerce Site Catering

  • Business Plan for Online Cannabis equipment shop

Business Plan for Cannabis E-commerce Site Catering

The client Lazy Chipmunk from the USA was launching an E-commerce site catering specialized in equipment used for consumption of cannabis. They believed that this niche has enormous potential. Because the number of consumers is high, but the products related to its use aren’t available as other everyday products. To receive more funds from investors that they needed to become a leader in this niche, they required a Business Plan for their Cannabis E-commerce. As well as a Pitch Deck that will highlight the potential and the advantages of the market.

Working on the milestones, we researched the external and internal environment and summarized the information in a SWOT analysis. Furthermore, we presented the SWOT analysis through numbers in a 5-year Financial Plan. Finally, we completed the Business Plan for our client’s Cannabis E-commerce by formulating a Pitch Deck. The pitch brief would help them when presenting their business to investors.

Testimonial: “Good business plan. Highly recommended!”


Client name

Lazy Chipmunk


New York, USA


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