Business Plan for In-house Farming

  • business plan for in-house farming

Business Plan for In-house Farming

The first time look into our client‘s financial model, sure gave us the chills. They had a very complex and broken vertical farm’s financial model and were unable to stabilize it without a proper Business Plan for in-house farming. And the business model for in-house farming included a multi-million revenue stream. Sounds exciting, right? Well, it sure was.
Hence, our bees’ job was to craft a fully new business plan for in-house farming.

The work and result

Our bees’ work was to identify the problem and fix the consistency of the formulas in excel. As well as adjust the financial model for the new needs of the founders. And eventually, our bees created a 1-page company summary that our client could use for pitching VC’s.

Testimonial: “Excellent work by BizzBee. They really did a super job.”


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