Business Plan for Furniture design platform

  • Business Plan for Furniture design platform

Business Plan for Furniture design platform

An individual entrepreneur was interested in starting a virtual company called MAYZ. On this online platform, customers can shop furniture designs from everywhere. Then choose a local maker to execute their chosen design. Each maker can set their own price tag and timeframe to execute a particular furniture item. Customers can also like their preferred designs and can review makers’ quality of work and designers and makers can maintain their simple one-page profile on the platform

We have developed a Business Plan consisted of three main sections. First, we researched the environment in which the bespoke furniture operate. Then we analyzed opportunities and threats from the outside factors that can influence its work. Furthermore, the internal environment of the company was researched. Finally, all the information gathered were presented through numbers in a 3-year Financial Plan.

Testimonial: “I highly recommend them for writing your first business plan. You can rely on the information and do your own editing, because after all as a business owner your personal input is a must. Mr. Danco is very professional, and you wont regret working with him as he puts his customers’ satisfaction a priority. The reason i chose 4 out of 5 for quality is because the concept of my business is not that common, specially in the region which might limit their resources to provide more local data. I wished if they spent some time interviewing me in person to know more. Nevertheless, i am satisfied with this version of the document to start with.”


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