Business Plan for Furniture Design Platform

  • Business Plan for Furniture design platform

Business Plan for Furniture Design Platform

A client wanted to start a company and needed our help with creating a business plan for the furniture design platform.

Their main idea for the furniture design platform was to empower the customers to shop for furniture designs everywhere. Besides choosing the design, they also could choose a local producer to complete their order. As well as review the producers’ quality of work.
On the other hand, the local producers could set their own price tag and timeframe to produce a particular furniture item.

business plan that we developed for our client’s furniture design platform consisted of three main sections:

External analysis: In this section, we researched the environment in which the client will operate. We explored the retail furniture stores and the online furniture stores in the area. We also investigated the future trends, the demographics of the target market, and Kuwait’s legal aspects.

Internal analysis: We examined our client’s internal environment. This section included creating a SWOT analysis, including our client’s opportunities and threats.

Financial plan: We presented all the discovered information by creating a financial plan.

Testimonial: “I highly recommend them for writing your first business plan. You can rely on the information and do your own editing, because after all as a business owner your personal input is a must. Mr. Danco is very professional, and you wont regret working with him as he puts his customers’ satisfaction a priority. The reason i chose 4 out of 5 for quality is because the concept of my business is not that common, specially in the region which might limit their resources to provide more local data. I wished if they spent some time interviewing me in person to know more. Nevertheless, i am satisfied with this version of the document to start with.”


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