Business Plan for Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Business Plan for Electric vehicle charging

Business Plan for Electric Vehicle Charging

Our client, MacX Charging, wanted to start a company that will provide electric vehicle charging in the UK. For their idea to come to success, they asked us to help them with creating a business plan for their electric vehicle charging company.

Their product was a unique charging box that provides a variable power output. This power output could provide a slow to fast charge for the vehicles, as the customer chooses.


The business plan that we developed for our client’s electric vehicle charging product, consisted of three main sections:

  • External Analysis: Here we examined the environment in which the electrical charging as a trend will operate. As well as threats from the outside factors that can influence their work.
  • Internal Analysis: In this section, we analyzed the internal factors. We examined their business model and an analysis of the 4P’s of their Marketing plan. We also constructed a deep SWOT analysis and a risk management analysis.
  • Financial model: Lastly, we presented all the information we discovered in the previous sections into a separate model. We created a model that included the basic assumptions, the income statement, and the balance sheet. As well as the liquidity and break-even analysis.


Testimonial: “Excellent – Thorough research and exactly as promised. Enjoyed working with BizzBee and hopefully will continue our working relationship.”


Client name

MacX Charging


Luton, UK


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