Business Plan for Corporate Fitness Centre

  • Business Plan for Corporate fitness

Business Plan for Corporate Fitness Centre

Have you ever thought about fitness as a part of your daily activities at work? Well, I haven’t. At least not until our client from Canada asked our bees for help with their business plan for a corporate fitness centre. They wanted to start a corporate fitness centre in Canada but had trouble crafting their business plan and keeping on the right track of growth. That’s why they asked for a mentor to guide them through the thorny road. 

The process and result

Our role was as an adviser and mentor. We managed to establish a weekly mentorship program and led the client in defining the strategic directions of their company. After setting the mentorship plan, the meetings slowly progressed toward building their business plan.
First, we did an external analysis of the industry, on the target market, and then peaked into our client’s competition.
After that, our bees did an internal organization strengthening and a financial model for the next three years.

Client name

Calgary Corporate Fitness Inc.