Business Plan for an Educational Centre for Children

  • Business Plan for Educational center for children

Business Plan for an Educational Centre for Children

Life Skills LOL wanted to open an educational centre for children of all ages and needed a business plan. They provide educational experiences from 6 weeks old to eighteen years old, teaching them life skills and many other skills.

We helped our client to do their mission of opening an educational centre by delivering a comprehensive business plan. We assembled the plan into three main sections:

External Analysis: We showcased the trends, drivers and the general state of the child education market on a national level for the U.S.

Internal Analysis: We analyzed how the business will function, and we expanded the company’s aspects that can improve in the future. We also provided insights to help our client’s operations run smooth and meet a more extensive client base. As well as insights that would leave the students and parents satisfied with the centre’s childcare and educational services.

Financial Plan: In the last section, we did a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s current and future financial health. We used currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values, and withdrawal plans.

All in all, we managed to deliver the business plan in time and helped the client with their idea development.

Testimonial: “Danco and his team have done amazing work on a business plan. I look forward to using them again in the future.”


Client name

Life Skills LOL


New Haven, Connecticut, USA


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