Business Plan for Agritech Startup

  • Business Plan for Agritech Startup

Business Plan for Agritech Startup

Cropland is a start-up agrotechnology company that offers a complete solution for the whole farming process, with additional innovative solutions for the two phases regarding the labor recruitment and machines hire. We helped by delivering a Business Plan that analyzed the external and internal factors that will determine whether the company will succeed on the agrotechnology market in India. The project was divided into three main sections:

External Analysis – in this section the agrotechnology market in India was reviewed in order to be understood the current market situation.

Internal Analysis – in this section we determined the company’s condition, identified its strengths and weaknesses, its goals, the strategies used to achieve those goals and its organizational structure.

Financial model – In this part, everything we have written in the external and internal analysis was presented in numbers, including Basic assumptions, income statement, balance sheet, liquidity, and break – even.


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