Business plan for Aerial Drone photography business

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Business plan for Aerial Drone photography business


An individual entrepreneur had an idea for starting an Aerial Photography company, a relatively new industry with lots of potential for growth. As a result of the specific industry, the client needed a Business Plan in order to realize it.

We used information from various sources, articles, and reports. Some of them were governmental, some from the potential competitors and others from third-party websites. The final plan was an overview of the current market, future trends, industry expectations, competitors, all the plans and opportunities for a successful business startup in the aerial drone videography and imagery industry.

Testimonial: “BizzBee was a pleasure to work with! A pure professional and a very pleasant company. The business plan they created for me was incredibly well done. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this project went! A+”

Client name
Premier Aerial Imagery LLC – Daniel
Philadelphia, USA