Business Plan For A Startup Organisation

  • Business plan for a startup organisation

Business Plan For A Startup Organisation

Startup Macedonia is an umbrella association supporting the startup ecosystem in Macedonia. Our team joined their efforts to research and deliver a business plan for this startup organisation. 

This association was created by a group of Macedonian startup enthusiasts, experts, investors, accelerators and organisations. In addition, they have one common goal: to connect the Macedonian startup community, encourage and help create a suitable and creative work environment for startups in Macedonia.

Our client needed help in developing their business plan. That way they would have become sustainable in the mid-long term. 

A business plan is not just a piece of paper. It is a written plan on how the management sees the company and how they will move the business forward. Moreover, for Startup Macedonia, it signifies growth and expands its portfolio of services toward monetization and sustainability. After a lot of research and joint sessions, we’ve created a business plan that reflected the best way to go.

First, we started with internal analysis. That’s the first step in our methodology – to understand Startup Macedonia.

Then, we do an external analysis. Having in mind the strong sides and the weak spots, we will conduct market research to understand the external environment.

Furthermore, we do a summary of the present situation. Summarizing the internal and external analysis will give us insight into the current situation.

And finally, a growth and a financial plan.


Business Plan – make a plan before starting your journey!



Client name

Startup Macedonia


Skopje, Macedonia