Article Analysis And Newsletter Structure

  • Article Analysis And Newsletter Structure

Article Analysis And Newsletter Structure

Our content writers had a task to do an article analysis and do a newsletter structure for a client in the USA.

One Million Minds‘ goal is to help businessmen and other decision-makers reach their full potential and rapidly grow their businesses.
Our client has founded multiple six-figure businesses spanning from online learning, software development, wellness clinics, coaching and consulting agencies.

They were interested in having longer, multiple-page articles compressed into a 1-page essay, pointing out the key information the reader should get from the article.
So, the agreed approach included the following structure of the 1-page essay:
– Include an eye-catching headline;
– Include a trend that is relevant;
– Elaborate on why the trend is relevant or how it can be used as an opportunity.
– Graph or a picture to add more credibility to the trend or opportunity.

The client aimed to have 4 essays per month.
Finally, for each essay, they will provide articles that should be analysed first along with a brief video explaining which parts of the articles should be used in the 1-page essay.

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