AGORA – Online Entrepreneurship Training

  • AGORA – Online Entrepreneurship Training

AGORA – Online Entrepreneurship Training

Our CEO participated in an online entrepreneurship training, organised by AGORA, a non-profit organisation based in Macedonia.

Agora – Center for Promotion of Civic Values is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established in 2001 that works on a national level in Macedonia. The vision of the organization is the successful democratic advancement of people and communities. Agora’s mission is to strengthen all stakeholders and promote processes that would lead to the development of a democratic society.

Agora fulfils the following aims and objectives:

  1. Promotion of participatory decision-making methods in institutions and organizations at all levels;
  2. Promotion of gender equality through research, lobbying and actions for gender mainstreaming;
  3. Support local economic development through training, networking and technical assistance;
  4. Promotion of advanced ideas and skills related to the implementation of the main aims of the organization;

AGORA ​​implemented the “Youth Leap 2 Business” project, financed by the American Embassy, ​​with the main goal of contributing to increasing employment among young people in North Macedonia and promoting youth entrepreneurship. Through the implementation of the project activities, 50 young people (19-29 years old) got to know the basics of entrepreneurship and were trained to start and run their own businesses.

Furthermore, the trainers prepared and delivered an “Entrepreneurship Training Program” intended for 50 young people from Macedonia, which was divided into three phases:

Phase 1: a two-day workshop on “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” with the aim of developing a business idea for 50 young people.
Phase 2: three (3) one-day workshops for 25 young people and mentoring for the development of business plans. During this phase, trainers delivered 25 business plans together with the participants of the training program.
Phase 3: business plan competition.

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