Business Plan for Painting With Wine Classes

  • Bermuda

Business Plan for Painting With Wine Classes

On behalf of a business consulting company in Bermuda, we did a business plan for their painting with wine classes. They specialized in offering paint lessons while drinking wine and needed us to check the potential of the industry for them.

Firstly, we started by doing an external and internal analysis of the tourism industry in our client’s planned location.

Secondly, we did a SWOT analysis and a risk management analysis and managed to discover our client’ biggest threats and opportunities.

And lastly, we finished the business plan for painting with wine classes by creating a detailed financial plan to see the idea’s profitability. Including a sales forecast, an income forecast, and a cash flow statement.

Testimonial: This was my first experience seeking assistance with business plan development. BizzBee Solutions provided top notch service that has left relieved. Although we worked through different time zones, they were consistently in touch with me. As they were able to successfully transit my thoughts on the plan, they also conducted significant research. We worked through milestones cohesively get the job done. I would highly recommend!


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