Entrepreneurs have a lot of things that they need to work on. And you need to work on them quickly if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. With our without a virtual assistant in their team. But the truth is, successful entrepreneur, doesn’t have time to do every task. And they have a whole bunch of things on their minds. Renting a virtual assistant can help but what would someone outsource to a virtual assistant? What would you outsource to a virtual assistant?

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a clue on what tasks to outsource and how much time the outsourcing should last. So in this article, we want to help you to comprehend exactly what a virtual assistant can do for you.

1. Email management

If you ask entrepreneurs what is their biggest time waster, 99% of the case will answer that is their email inbox.

Email can be very disruptive, and that is not in a positive sense of the word. Picture this – You’re working on your product and you’re basically in your most productive zone and all of the sudden, email pops up. And you need to answer it because it’s a matter of urgency.

So you start with email answering and when you look at the time, you basically lost 40 minutes on email answering and archiving. And you lost your productivity zone for the previous task. Not to mention the time it takes to get back in your flow. Count that on a weekly, then on a monthly and yearly level and you will realize how much time you can or lost already.

In order to save time, it is best that you rent a virtual assistant immediately. Because getting interrupted in your core business work by an email that for all we know could be a spam, is not worth your time at all. Your virtual assistant will manage your emails. And if the email is something that is urgent, of course, your assistant will let you know.

2. Researching

Another time-consuming work that successful entrepreneur wants to do is researching.

Perhaps you look to create a document with companies in your city or your state that are for the purposes of market research. Or you need to find some case studies that will support your decision making and your business growth.

Well, there is absolutely no reason not to outsource the research process to a virtual assistant. Talented and flexible professionals are waiting for you to ask for their help. And they will complete the work much faster than you expect. When you develop a product for your market, think about how faster the process would be if someone does the market research process for you remotely.

3. Business trips

Today, we do business on a global level. Successful entrepreneur likes to travel a lot. And you know how much of a nuisance is when you search for cheap flight tickets. Because it’s much cheaper when you plan your flight ahead and buy the tickets earlier.

So again, why interrupting your core work to search online for airplane tickets. You will spend half a day on doing so, maybe a whole week. And for all we know, you might lose money in the process. The business is not just about money, it’s about time and the time is money too.

A virtual assistant can do the airplane tickets research and reservation for you. Your personal virtual assistant can also find you some good hotels that you will be staying in.

So if you’re a super busy entrepreneur, renting a virtual assistant can save you a ton of time with your business trip planning. And will find you every possible option that you can use on the location, whether that’s a conference room, office or a car to rent too.

4. Tracking your competition

When you are selling products or services, you just have to know what your competition is doing.

You have to know what the competitor’s prices are and what they offer for their price. You have to compare it with yours.

Doing this all by yourself is so exhausting. Not to mention the stress and time that you need to put in this work. But guess what?

A virtual assistant can track your competition on a weekly level for you. Your personal virtual assistant will research and review your competitors, and will even research your market and tell you what the actual target market thinks of yours and competitor’s product.

The most important thing that you have to understand as an entrepreneur is a self-awareness. We all think that we are Superman and that we have the time and energy to do everything ourselves. But the truth is, we all have our core strengths and our weaknesses. And we have to know ourselves enough to stop wasting time on tasks that weaken our decision making and start focusing on our core work.

Do you need some business expert to help you with your work-related tasks? Here is our 4 step approach to get the right bee for you.

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