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In this #3 episode of The B2B Outbound Marketing & Sales Automation Series, our guest is the CEO of FindThatLead, Gerard Compte.

Gerard talks about how and why he became an entrepreneur.

He is showing a demo about how FindThatLead works, and what are their big plans for 2021.

Gerard recommends having an email signature, with all the essential information.

Did you know that they’re all about visuals?

Find more about their pricing at this link: FindThatLead

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Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Dancho Dimkov
CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Gerard Compte
CEO of FindThatLead

Interview Transcript

[00:00:07.030] – Dancho – Hello, everybody, welcome to another episode of The B2B Outbound Marketing and Sales Automation Series. For today I’m excited to show you Gerard Compte. He’s from Barcelona and he’s the CEO of FindThatLead. Hello, Gerard.

[00:00:23.470] – Gerard – Hello Dancho. Thank you very much for being in the show, man.

[00:00:25.750] – Dancho – Yeah, nice to meet you. From what we understood before, you’re currently in Turkey, so you’re enjoying life.

[00:00:32.900] – Gerard – I am in Turkey and I am certainly enjoying life, plus travelling.

[00:00:38.540] – Dancho – Nice, nice. So to make things a bit more comfortable. Let’s start from the beginning. Who is actually Gerard?

[00:00:45.800] – Gerard – Gerard Compte is an entrepreneur. Not because I want it, but just because I couldn’t find a job. And somehow I came out with a book, The Four Hour Work Week. I got crazy reading it and after reading it I got divorced and closed my other company. But I found something that it was email verification. I used to databases for third parties and somehow it came out to a tool called or something like that. And I was like, it was so expensive

[00:01:20.270] – Dancho – How long time ago it was this?

[00:01:21.920] – Gerard – Oh, it’s probably 8 years ago or something like this. And it was so expensive that I was crazy and a friend kind of like helped me to do something. And then it’s like, okay, a friend, would like to be my business partner. And it just became a tool that we built for me first. And then it just we launched it. And in just in a few months we had kind of like I think after two or three months we had 16.000 requests in one month. I was like, okay, that’s a business. Yeah, even Christian, my business partner, uploaded it through his own Gmail and now we can change the Chrome extension. You know, it was like a surprise because we didn’t know it was a business on that on there.

[00:02:10.170] – Dancho – I see, I see. That’s all nice. So it is, you have a partner, so you’re not the developer, the geeky guy behind

[00:02:16.100] – Gerard – I have zero knowledge about development. I have, I will have very structure mind on how I want things. I’m going to do it when I sell this business, that’s for sure. And yeah, it’s something that it’s like it’s missing and I need something that I really want to do that’s number one. And yeah, I think it’s super important. Guys, if you have the time, it’s now better than, start playing with a call, because if not, it seems like you don’t understand most of them.

[00:02:53.200] – Dancho – I’m also not a developer and it is a handy tool. I mean, if you need to go to a developer every time when you need to make a small change or adjustment, it is a struggle. While on the other hand, if you just know to do the small tweaks

[00:03:08.180] – Gerard – Yeah, I am very happy. It’s not more of a, I wouldn’t be doing it either, but at least I wouldn’t have suffered so much in the beginning because when thinking it’s not the same as doing it. And at least if you know how to do it, you understand how the process of time, how to explain it better. I think it’s a good way of communicating with the team. I had learned a few years after on how to communicate with the team.

[00:03:41.660] – Dancho – I see. And it’s even better when you know what can be done in features and development in terms of, okay, this is a small tweak with

[00:03:49.910] – Gerard – Dancho everything can be done.

[00:03:53.660] – Dancho – Yeah, depends on the effort.

[00:03:55.520] – Gerard – Yeah. Everything can be done. Yes. Everything can be done. Everything it’s possible nowadays.

[00:04:02.720] – Dancho – Yeah, that’s true Gerard. And I was actually curious in terms of where is FindThatLead in the big ecosystem of marketing and sales automation? I mean, I saw it is a Chrome extension and how does it fit towards the entire ecosystem, because there are a lot of information?

[00:04:19.430] – Gerard – Yeah, it is. It is. And sorry to interrupt you. Um, yes. It’s growing and I’m super happy to be here. I’m super happy that with 8 years or 7 years in the business and we were like very, very few, and now it’s growing. Um, we are email verification. We verify and qualify your leads and we are a prospecting tool. Basically we will find the data from various sources and we put it in the tool that people can find it easily. My main thing is to be the best email verification tool in the market. That’s how we started. Obviously, while we confirm and search for new emails, we find other ways of how to improve the quality of the data to our users. But basically we are a simple tool for salespeople to find and verify emails.

[00:05:13.430] – Dancho – I see. And I also saw on your features that you can also now even send emails in addition to finding?

[00:05:19.250] – Gerard – Yeah, yeah, obviously. What comes, things that they request from our users and basically things that we use ourselves. We’re using MailShake, Woodpecker…

[00:05:29.830] – Dancho – Reply probably?

[00:05:37.460] – Gerard – No, I haven’t used Reply. These tools that they’re fully, they’re amazing tools and it’s like, let’s do it ourselves. And we built our own tool based on our needs, our expectations, and we make things different to make it a little easier for people to come and join FindThatLead.

[00:05:58.280] – Dancho – I see,I see. I know that as we in BizzBee Solutions, we work with a lot of email marketing and LinkedIn marketing. Building the database is the biggest effort of everything because once you have a highly qualified database, then you can do partially automation of the outreach then some partial manual nurture. But the biggest effort is usually finding the lead. I mean, even the name of the tool that you have is really that particularly that could be the next client. Another question Gerard, was that I saw it is a Chrome extension. Was there any particular decision why you decided to be a chrome extension or a web platform or a desktop or that was what the developer thought is the best way?

[00:06:41.750] – Gerard – Yeah, we started in the Chrome extension. We have, um, we just told everyone our target was using Gmail. And Chrome extension was obviously the easiest way to go into the market. And the thing is, when you are in LinkedIn or when you are in a website and you want to check the email, you will click, you don’t want anything that it’s interested in the people’s computer, number 1. You want to find the email or the phone number or whatever when you are on there. And that’s why we choose a Chrome extension. It was easy in the beginning. And our biggest tool, it’s obviously the Lead Search on the dashboard as well, because we will go a lot for the Chinese market that they don’t have the Chrome extension, which is a lot.

[00:07:37.360] – Dancho – I see, so the Chrome extension was the most convenient for users that as you’re on LinkedIn, you just click a button and it’s immediately

[00:07:45.100] – Gerard – That’s how it started and still being a very big way of generating leads for us.

[00:07:50.260] – Dancho – I see, I see. It’s a very good logic. So can you show me and our audience on how your software works? I mean, we would love to see a demo and what kind of perks you have.

[00:08:01.330] – Gerard – Yeah, that’s amazing. Let’s go for it. Okay, let me just see. Let’s say I’m going to the welcome BizzBee Solutions. I know these guys are amazing and let’s say I click FindThatLead. Let me see, probably I could basically come find the email and even find even more information about the people who work in there. Okay, these are you could come and verify the emails.

[00:08:38.850] – Dancho – By one click you already can see everything.

[00:08:41.180] – Gerard – Yeah, yeah. And just imagine in this case, uh, let me see. It says we have more leads. I come to the tool and that’s a Chrome extension alone. And it has a lot of ways of finding information. Now what is doing, I’m coming here, let’s say BizzBee Solutions, I come here

[00:09:05.550] – Dancho – You’re showing the domain, and it should screen the entire domain?

[00:09:08.180] – Gerard – Yeah, okay it shows me what technologies you have, Google Maps. This is basically things that you have in your mobile-friendly YouTube, things that you’re using like you’re using ClickFunnels, you’re using WordPress.

[00:09:26.110] – Dancho – Yes.

[00:09:26.540] – Gerard – Okay, yeah. I know 100%. And then it’s tell me where you are, the phone number. In here is telling me we just verify and that’s it. Sometimes he is giving me let’s say it’s I’m going to give you an example. It’s giving me your similar tools. Let me just write for example, Tesla. That’s why the dashboard is super cool and you see technology the same, but also is giving me similar tools. It just depends. Sometimes it shows and this is an amazing way of simply we can see what companies, what technologies Tesla is doing and many websites, you know, and that technology is a big thing for us now coming up.

[00:10:15.740] – Dancho – Yes, but this with the technology is very useful for when software development company is interested in reaching out to clients. And if they are WordPress developers, they can easily check if a company is based on WordPress or it’s based on

[00:10:30.020] – Gerard – Sure. That’s with developing the Search, the Prospector now is going to go more in technology base as well. Plus you can see the information here. That’s one, this is one little part. Let’s say I am going to LinkedIn and you can also find let’s say Bill Gates, for example

[00:11:00.740] – Dancho – You have Tesla and Bill Gates as friends.

[00:11:02.450] – Gerard – Yeah, exactly. Well, the thing is, obviously, that comes out like that, but you usually will find the email of Bill Gates, obviously this would probably mean he’s not going to go to his email that’s based on a pattern. But this is an information again. And then you have the related domain. That’s why I wanted to show you that’s a good thing. Sometimes we have it, and then you can keep saying, okay, let’s see what related domains it has. And that’s very useful when you’re looking for competitors of the guys that you work with. Okay, let say on the tool itself, this is the website to derive. You can register, you have the chrome extension, then you have the email verification. The email verification can work just like and then it usually say email not found and but then it has many other things you can do, upload a book, upload means basically you can upload the CSP and it will confirm and then the Send Emails and Prospector. Prospector it’s one of a kind and this is basically my favorite tool ever. Let’s say I want to say Macedonia. I want to say I want all the business people, let’s say CEOs in Macedonia, how many CEOs in Macedonia? Anthony, CEO in AloTelekom. Okay, let’s see if it’s true. And then I’m going to be generating a database. That’s two sources. We could generate the primary email website email or we could check. Actually, we’ve got 502. We can generate the amount. Basically what he’s doing is generating the data. Okay, sometimes we find that, sometimes we don’t find it. And that’s once. Once we got this data, we basically transform it and send it to an email. It’s like, hey Gerard, thank you very much for doing whatever you do. Can we talk tomorrow at 10:00? My full recommendation, guys, is make sure you have a short message, make sure you send an amazing email and make sure it’s really to create a relationship, not just a presentation. Let’s say imagine here I’m doing all of this. We’re working on backlinks, obviously we’re talking because of that. And one of the trickiest check was bringing traffic and talk to the people with love. Let me just see in here. Let’s say backlinks, this week I saw a post. I love them. I love what you’re doing. I was thinking if we can do a post together, who I need to talk to and then send the signature. It’s super important when you make an email, send a nice, big, chunky signature, that will be a difference. Don’t say much in the message. Say it all in your signature. You don’t have to say who you are, where are you from, who is your customer. In here

[00:14:23.040] – Dancho – You can make some curiosity in the message so they would be interested to check you out in the signature and even click the link and see who is this company that actually wrote me.

[00:14:31.710] – Gerard – Yes, exactly. And the thing is always, whenever you’re doing an email, make sure the CTA on the company is related to it, in here I’m talking about content. I’m not going to put CTO, CMO. I’m just going to say everything about content, Okay? I’m writing to the content guys will make sure everything is okay. If you’re writing to the accounting department, make sure you are an account engineer. Okay, this is super good. And in here shows them what companies you have, what companies trust you, what’s your strategy. We have outbound marketers generate more leads. You can even specify this a little bit more. We have tool for signature, at FindThatLead. It helps you to make an amazing signature and basically you can do that. It’s free of charge and it’s included in FindThatLead and just for you to test

[00:15:28.350] – Dancho – And Gerard how is the actually the spam filter catching the signature? Is it good or bad?

[00:15:35.430] – Gerard – Oh, that’s actually very good point. You know, I don’t have a clue, to be honest. That’s a good one. I never thought about that.

[00:15:44.070] – Dancho – I saw that the usual recommendation is try not to put too many links, but everybody is asking what to

[00:15:51.570] – Gerard – That’s super important. Yeah, yeah. That’s a very good point. Don’t put your UTMs on the signatures. That stinks. That smells, okay? Maximum, but I could tell you just make sure your website you have a slash growth marketers or slash test, make a subdomain in your own website because if you put a long UTMs made with Google or Bitly, they don’t like it. Remember, these emails are not how I would say these emails are not transactional emails. These emails are first-time emails. You shouldn’t be sending an email unless you want to build a relationship. Don’t track them. Just make sure you send an email to people who, you know, they’re going to be opening, open rate 55 for responses, 7.5. This is the minimum you should be getting. This is not Sangrid, this is not MailChimp. This is an email that’s a tool for getting new people connected, okay. That’s not a tool to spam or it’s a tool to seek. If you’re calling usually I will say I will tell you make a short message. Arrange for a call, arrange for something and make a connection. Never a presentation.

[00:17:09.330] – Dancho – Yeah. This is the same that we try to preach everybody, that the relationship is king now and it’s not spamming. So it’s not just a statistics, two million emails sent and 0.0001

[00:17:21.050] – Gerard – Oh no, no, no. I used to be saying: Oh, can I send 1.000 emails a day or 10.000? We have now with just, my recommendation is send 250 emails per day for every alias that you have. We have like 20 alias. Just make the numbers. We can send between 5 and 10.000 emails a day. Yes, we can. And we do it very well. You can grow on this. I mean, and it’s done properly. It’s pure. It works like a dream, but it’s a slow process. Also Local Business, that’s a tool that basically will help you to find, let’s say, Macedonia. Oh, sorry, no, it’s, at the moment it’s only for this four countries. Okay, let’s say Spain, let say industry, I will say pharmatia. Okay, it is more about local business, kind of like Yellow Pages type of thing. And basically because it was coming to us like, no, I’m selling things too. And that’s it. That’s the same as the Prospector for local businesses.

[00:18:23.030] – Dancho – Yeah, well Gerard I actually saw that in the Prospecting you’re more mimicking the LinkedIn filters

[00:18:28.100] – Gerard – That’s correct. 100%

[00:18:29.960] – Dancho – But we when we were also using the LinkedIn filters, they don’t have, they’re really more broaden industries like healthcare and stuff. But when you are looking for yoga centers or something that is

[00:18:41.900] – Gerard – Yeah. B2C kind of like more they’re like more like street-based businesses, plumbers, anything that is in the Yellow Pages, it’s a local business and then the Prospector. And this is seriously I’m super, mega proud that and how the tool is designed, how we use it, it’s so much effort and love in FindThatLead you wouldn’t believe it. I mean, you can understand the amount of hours in every step. I mean, we are so chic. I am like we check and recheck every part, everything that’s its launched. And we are a small team of 3 developers in Spain. And I’m very I am a little bit bottleneck on my own company because I make them go so much on the design, it’s the hours. If it’s not like, oh man, this is like my designer was like, say, Gerard, you’re such an asshole really. And everything is about visual. We are not in back in time. No, no. We really want visual tools and tools that are easy to use. And we don’t have, yeah we interact with Zappia and a few other. But it’s the tools are designed for profiles whose sales guys, who they want the information now, like connecting and automation. It’s good. You have Hunter, you have many other tools for doing, but FindThatLead is for finding easily the emails of anyone you need when you are on LinkedIn or when you are on the website.

[00:20:27.530] – Dancho – I see. No, sounds very interesting. It’s very to the point. If you want to lead and you want to have it now built a database, start sending rather than okay, let’s build the database, let’s put them into CRM and then do the whole long term process. And I find it very interesting Gerard because our audience is mostly high-ticket service providers. And by that I’m seeing marketing agencies, software development companies, software as a service SaaS as you as well as consultants. So just wanted to let you say a few words how they can utilize FindThatLead in order to grow their businesses, because usually these kind of companies does not have like a SDR team of 50 people, like big corporations. But it’s more like you said, it’s a one-man show. It’s 3 to 5 employees maybe. And I mean, in order to manually do all this, there is no really point. And that was actually the motivation for this sales automation series because we want to see how they can actually boost their growth.

[00:21:27.790] – Gerard – Dancho thank you very much. Certainly, I’m going to tell you, we have the best example. I know how I am the only sales guy and I’m not even a sales guy. I didn’t do any phone calls. We only kind of like developers in the company. I used to be a sales focus. Seriously, automation with love and respect will be the best way of growing. For example, with FindThatLead you can find easily CEOs, CTOs of any company. Then you go to Send Emails, make an email with a flow, and then just let it run. Make sure the subject it’s short and with love and you just do it. Outbound marketing for any company is a differentiation of success on a success. The product obviously spend an amazing time making sure your product is amazing, but outbound marketing is the key of success. That’s it. I never I don’t know how to do that. I have never spent a dime on it. And it’s just like, wow, we just have just for you to understand, we have between 200 and 300 registration on a daily basis and we don’t spend money on that. Also my thing is, outbound marketing is not just for getting customers. You can do it for getting backlinks, you can do it for getting partners. And we’re doing with now, you know, we connected via email. This is how you should be doing, is basically to let know your message across. You have to have different outbound marketing strategies for backlinking, check, check the backlinks, who’s bringing traffic to your competitors, your business partners, send them an email saying, hey man can I speak to you tomorrow, that’s doing outbound marketing. To me it has become more important to find an amazing backlink than an amazing customer. And I can tell you that an amazing backlink can bring you millions of dollars and I can tell you millions of dollars seriously. And it does help us so much. We do have some backlinks, it’s crazy the amount of traffic that is bringing. That means if you tell me one big customer or one big backlink, oh man, always one big backlink is going to bring you more traffic and

[00:23:37.000] – Dancho – Like I don’t need the customer, give me the link that’s going to bring a lot of customers in the future.

[00:23:41.170] – Gerard – And also Dancho, don’t pay for backlinks, please bring value to each other. I mean, some amazing the best backlinks, we never pay for any backlinks, the best backlinks, obviously an exchange of value. And some people share your stuff and that what you’re doing, you’re building a relation. Google, they know, they know when you tried to mess up Google and they have like this is this like he’s checking how you’re building up your relationship and the same with backlinks, how you’re building your block doesn’t have a quality, doesn’t has that sense. I have no idea about SEO, just to let you know, I have no idea Dancho, but I know how to make it without any tricks. Yeah. You can kind of like automate the full process, but you cannot trick the system. I mean, Google you cannot, they know this, man and needed to be there. Yeah. You need to build a relationship. And what I’m telling you is don’t just think outbound marketing, sending emails is to acquire new customers. It’s acquired backlinks and it works like a dream. And if you do it properly, you will multiply your business, your revenue by so much more than you ever imagined. I can tell you, because we used to waste, we never did anything between 3 or 4 years. We like forget it. We even had a block in the beginning. Man, don’t do that. It’s so easy now to create content, call a friend, just talk a little bit about outbound transcript, send invitation to different people on LinkedIn. That’s it. Just great content like you’re doing now.

[00:25:21.850] – Dancho – Yeah, well, the content is the only long term way where you can actually broaden your brand experience. And Gerard I think you put it really good for the high-ticket service providers. There is no a hack, one tweak that you could just going to get a lot of clients. But at least the high level, the automation of the outreach can be the outreach itself can be automated, at least the initial conversation. And once they start responding, you have to actually start building the relationship rather than just putting more automation and more automation.

[00:25:54.610] – Gerard – It doesn’t make sense.

[00:25:56.710] – Dancho – You can start, as you said, with your messages short, bring some curiosity. But once they start responding, you have to actually do the work and talk to the people and build a relationship rather than okay he responded, he’s just a number, put him into a different automation or something.

[00:26:12.850] – Gerard – No, we don’t. Seriously, I am as good as I am acquisition. We have try active campaigns. We have tried many so far too. It just doesn’t work. I know sometimes if you are with a partner, we can make thousands of dollars in an afternoon by really being personal with someone. Then just like, one my thing would be Pareto rule guys, 80-20. Okay, just go for that and make sure you follow it. Give love to people who is attracted to your business, who is making you money, who’s giving the value and the rest, you just leave them there. I mean 80-20 on everything, on your time, on your customers and I think it’s super important to value you every time.

[00:27:04.510] – Dancho – Yeah I know you said it perfectly. I mean, Gerard final question I have for you is to tell us about your future plans. I mean, where is FindThatLead headed? What’s upcoming? I mean, it’s December. It’s 2021. So I’m sure you have some exciting plans.

[00:27:21.470] – Gerard – Yeah, I mean, we’re growing a lot on backlinking, Scrubbing is a new tool that we’re partnering and it’s for the LinkedIn and generating data. It’s for backlink, which is a tool that it’s helping us to grow on the backlinks. We’re going to see a lot of insights connecting with Salesforce and other CRM, which I think Pipedrive has come along now with the new Prospector. And it’s going to be a big change for the industry where CRM are going to be adding Prospector directly that you will not need to go. And now it’s an amazing time for everyone who is gathering data will probably share and will connect with FindThatLead very soon.

[00:28:10.200] – Dancho – Nice, nice. So exciting future. We’ll be waiting for you to get with new exciting features so we can invite you again and say, okay, what’s new? I mean, Gerard it’s been a while, but we want to also have great news.

[00:28:25.970] – Gerard – I love it. I love it because I think it’s probably the best year ever for sales automation, for insight sales, for sales tool, we will never have such a transformation in our life. We’ll never see this. This is like kind of like from 0 to 100 man, which is like if you were there, it’s gone. If not, you’re out. It’s the best business for the Coronavirus, for the transformation

[00:28:52.670] – Dancho – Gerard we’re also experiencing the same because, you know, B2B sales is not really a simple one way street with just simple step. It’s more of a complex process with a longer sales cycles and multiple people involved. And now with the Corona, all the B2B events and conferences where people physically go are shut down. So people and companies were forced to figure out ways to find leads online, whether it’s through email, whether it’s through LinkedIn, even picking up the phone and start calling. But before they were used to go to an event, build some relationship, and this year everything was just shut down. So really, when it comes to digital transformation, it was going slowly. But now the Corona pushed everybody like into fast digitalization.

[00:29:37.540] – Gerard – We love it and I’m scared sometimes, it’s like, are we going to keep this growth next year? I don’t know. Hopefully, yes, because I can see, like we double with that. Well, I mean, we’ve got like from X to two X. Wow, it’s amazing.

[00:29:53.790] – Dancho – Nice. Nice. And that is all from the luxury of your van, which you said you’re currently in Turkey.

[00:29:59.290] – Gerard – Yes, yes. Yes, I am in my car. And yes, we did a lot of changes. We just we left the office. I left my home, I was like, yeah, let’s do it. I think that’s a brilliant time to change everything.

[00:30:15.620] – Dancho – Sounds exciting. No, it’s perfect timing then. Gerard, thank you very much for having this call. I mean, I will leave the link of FindThatLead at the bottom of this interview. So everybody that’s actually interested in it

[00:30:28.900] – Gerard – Make sure you leave your affiliate link because then they will get 10% discount and you will get 10%, man.

[00:30:36.580] – Dancho – Okay, I’ll do that then. We didn’t touch base about partnership opportunities because you’ve mentioned you have a referral program?

[00:30:44.590] – Gerard – We do have a referral program. And but you need to get the link from BizzBee.

[00:30:53.050] – Dancho – Yeah, I need to check that out because I thought you had some referral, but I didn’t know.

[00:30:58.120] – Gerard – Yeah, we do 10% for you, 10% for the people who’s buying. And obviously it’s a nice exchange and it makes you want to talk about FindThatLead. And it’s working very well at the moment.

[00:31:09.700] – Dancho – Did anyone approach you about different kinds of partnership in terms of

[00:31:14.930] – Gerard – Yeah, it’s funny because sometimes with a special one minute with people who have their own, um, their own people, like, yeah, the brand and we have gone 30%, but when people go about 5,000 sales in minimum 3 months, we do a little bit more. But it’s obviously it’s an investment and we even do a special deal. We have partners that they sold hundreds of thousands. I mean, we do believe that. But at the same time, we will only go for when we know this is going to happen and we have 3 or 4 partners who like whatever they ask we say yes, please.

[00:31:59.950] – Dancho – Yeah, the reason is usually you grow on your own to a stage and then you need to include partners in order to expedite your growth.

[00:32:07.390] – Gerard – 100%, I think partners is probably the best hack, someone who loves you, who has an audience and just like make sure you look after them, send them Christmas presents, make sure that you are in their wedding, man. Make sure you are in the wedding, because that’s super important.

[00:32:24.720] – Dancho – Well, well put, well, actually when you said with the backlink, it’s also kind of a partnership. You’re giving them some value. They’re sharing your links to their website.

[00:32:33.100] – Gerard – Yeah. And just make sure you also you have more than your biggest competitor or the biggest brand that you want. For example, now with Pipedrive, I checked Pipedrive and they have like 2.5 million. We’re way behind them. Obviously, they’re big team and they have big investment. But that’s for me, that’s something that we are aiming to. It’s not my competitor but at the same the same customers are using Pipedrive, should be using FindThatLead.

[00:32:59.020] – Dancho – If anybody’s using Pipedrive, you should check out, FindThatLead, it’s much better. Right?

[00:33:04.060] – Gerard – Thank you, man. Thank you very much.

[00:33:06.220] – Dancho – Very nice talking to you. I love all the new things that you showed me. I find it very interesting because we are also in BizzBee Solutions, we’re strong believers that with LinkedIn and email marketing for B2B high-ticket service providers is like the Holy Grail. There are other channels, but these two are actually the most important ones. Thanks again for coming here and we stay in touch.

[00:33:30.280] – Gerard – Thank you very much. Thank you. Bye, bye. Best wishes to everyone. Thank you.