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#10 episode of The B2B Outbound Marketing & Sales Automation Series, with the Co-founder and Head of Sales, Maxim Sidorenko, at

Maxim has been in the IT business for more than 10 years, and has vast experience in sales and project management.
He is the Co-founder and Head of Sales at, a LinkedIn automation software.

The main features of Dooozen are:
– Automate your messaging and networking;
– Manage your own network of contacts;
– Track the story of your activities on LinkedIn and
– Change your sales tactics based on statistics.

The best part? Their mascot is a very enthusiastic black and white pup.

Check them out here!

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Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Dancho Dimkov
CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Maxim Sidorenko
Co-founder and Head of Sales at

Interview Transcript

[00:00:07.250] – Dancho – Welcome to another episode on our B2B Outbound Marketing & Sales Automation Series. It’s been a while, but we had to look for the best softwares out there. It’s a hard work if you ask me. And not to undervalue, for today, we have the perfect guest with us. I have Maxim Sidorenko, who is actually a Co-founder and Head of Sales at That’s with three “o”, I think. So Max, welcome to the show.

[00:00:34.800] – Maxim – Dancho, hello. Nice to meet you. It’s great to hear that when you are choosing the best solution. Actually, we were listed and right now I’m talking to you.

[00:00:44.250] – Dancho – It’s interesting because we are a B2B agency. We have to have an eye outside on all the new tools that are coming out. And when I saw it’s pronounced, three “o”, I was really curious to get in touch Maxim and actually give you the opportunity to tell us a bit more first about you. And how did you actually decide to create a LinkedIn automation tool?

[00:01:10.230] – Maxim – Yeah, fine. So a few words about me, you were absolutely right. I’m Co-founder at That’s a LinkedIn automation software. I am also head of sales at Ukrainian company, which is called ein-des-ein. So this company provides some software development services and I am in IT business for ten plus years. I have mainly experience in sales and some project management, but for the last couple of years I’m in sales. And two years ago, by chance I had a chess game and chess play with our current company Co-founder. We shared our pain points about our job, and my co-founder and partner said that he’s actually a programmer, he was CTO at one project. He told that he’s trying to do something valuable to create some products because he was tired of doing something on outsource. And at that time we shared ideas and decided that to give a go to, which is, as I told LinkedIn automation software.

[00:02:23.850] – Dancho – That was a new one Max. Usually people meet over beer and discussing opportunities, not while playing chess. I’m listening that for the first time.

[00:02:34.170] – Maxim – Yeah, absolutely. So everything, which is great and has some ambitious plans, always been created in informal occasional, like coffee drinks and beer drinks.

[00:02:46.480] – Dancho – Exactly. So you are actually the sales guy. So you’re the front end, you know, the customer pinpoints and what features and functionalities are needed while your co-founder, the partner is actually the tech guy who is actually building all this stuff. I’m really curious to hear, how is it going the communication between you two? Because they’re like completely two parts from the brain and you understand what are the needs and you need to articulate and they need to build in order everything to work perfectly.

[00:03:14.380] – Maxim – Yeah, absolutely. These are two totally different languages and mindsets technical one and mindset of people who would like to have more and more features like salespeople and think about pains. Yeah, but what is a plus is that I also had a chance to work with developers before because I’m sure without that experience, we wouldn’t be able to find a common language. But right now everything goes well and we rely more on my experience and experience of my sales team, because that’s really a great plus to have something on the background and to understand what exactly you would like to have and to develop the software or the solution that you and your team want to use. That’s important. So that’s why my partner relies on our experience, and we had no much problems in that communication.

[00:04:08.850] – Dancho – Nice. Well, if you manage that to work, then you have really a winning combination because you know the pains, he knows how to solve them. And it’s a perfect synergy. And also, Max, I’m quite curious to know about Dooozen. How does it fit in how it’s positioned in the market? So where do you see yourself in the big sales picture? Because when we talk about B2B sales, it’s like that huge world from CRMs, from tools, from crawlers, from everything. I cannot even name all the type of tools that can help and type of applications. So where does the Dooozen fit in the big ecosystem?

[00:04:46.710] – Maxim – Yeah. First few words, when you find Dooozen and when you Google what is Dooozen, you’ll see that it’s LinkedIn automation software. So that’s a key, and I would say the core of our idea, currently. This has some roots from our activities, like two years or three years ago, my team did outreach campaigns and 80% of our leads and 80% of our sales went from LinkedIn. And we used some tools for LinkedIn automation and felt that we would like to have something more because at that point, LinkedIn automation software didn’t provide us full set of tools and features, and we were not happy with some features of, let’s say, our current competitors and decided to create Dooozen. So in short, that’s a LinkedIn automation software, if you go maybe a bit further. Definitely we are going to work with multichannel things like getting more email, because LinkedIn plus email outreach is a great combination and going step ahead, I’m opening some map for you, yeah. We suppose that we’ll be able in 2022 to add something unique, like AI algorithm and smart scoring for lead generation campaigns. I’ll explain it later what I mean.

[00:06:09.960] – Dancho – Yeah. No, I’m eager to hear that. And we also need to mention that Dooozen is still not officially live. There are 16 days, 17 days before…

[00:06:20.500] – Maxim – Yeah, two weeks. We think that it will happen in two weeks, but it’s written on the website that is 16 days. So I do not know when you are watching this video together with us, but you’re welcome.

[00:06:33.390] – Dancho – Also, I was curious, is the date like a variable that actually changes or it’s been like that for a few months?

[00:06:40.770] – Maxim – That’s a real war. That’s a real war between technical department and sales.

[00:06:45.930] – Dancho – Nice. Yeah, because you can put it as a fix number 16, and every day it could be at 16.

[00:06:54.210] – Maxim – No, every time when we saw, okay, that’s two days left. Guys, are we ready? Like ten days before and we had to change the date a few times because people could subscribe for a beta version for I would say five to six months. And each time when we tested the solution, our sales team told more features should come. Technicians said no, we are not ready. But now there’s no excuses for us and we’ll go, hopefully we are soon on the market.

[00:07:26.340] – Dancho – Well, since it’s beta released already, so people can join and they can start using it. It’s just that during its beta version, there could be some glitches in the system that is still being fixed. But 16 days before the release, I think that you’re ready to show to the world what you have. Max usually at this part of the interview, I always ask if you’re willing to actually share your screen and show all the viewers what they can actually do with Dooozen.

[00:07:56.110] – Maxim – Yeah, sure. We can do a short demo. I’ll explain what we have for the moment. Probably we’ll have some more features in the upcoming week or two, but nonetheless everything is in place so we can show definitely.

[00:08:10.710] – Dancho – Perfect.

[00:08:12.570] – Maxim – First, that’s our website two weeks before a beta version. So you can go at and check it. Check some features of the solution, visit our blog. We are constantly trying to write about LinkedIn automation and all stuff that we have here and what is important, why did I open the website first just to show you what is Dooozen. Right now the solution has two parts. First part is Dooozen Chrome extension that you can download, which you’re going to use for automation later and actually a web part. So I’ll start from the web part and give a short expression here. So what do we have here? Generally, when speaking about Dooozen, we thought that we want to have a solution which is focused primarily on what really people need. You’ll find many competitors that overhelp interface that has plenty of features. And I would say that 80% of users who do some LinkedIn automation, they use 20% or 10% efficient that we have. So for the first version of that we release, we are going to cover some basic things that all people who use LinkedIn software apply. First, that’s definitely connecting people on LinkedIn, sending just a connection request. Then it’s messaging on LinkedIn. So that’s like a primary thing that you want to do and definitely combine these things in a chain. So when you can create something… Yeah, so when you can create a follow up. And I would say that if you question like salespeople, 80% of sales people will say that that’s everything that you do on LinkedIn and nothing else is needed yet. Definitely there is something more. And I’ll guide you through the solution to show you what is more. So that’s a web version of our interface. Everything is structured into two panels. So first is like campaigns, contacts. In our case, when we say campaigns, we call all your actions all the activities like a campaign. So when you decide to create a campaign that’s like an email campaign and Twitch campaign, you can create it and create like a sequence of actions. Let’s call it like our test campaign. Test5. I’m creating a campaign and show you what we have. So at campaign you can choose some actions. That’s the primary basic things right now. You can connect people or message people when you choose the action, let’s say it connect people. You just add something that you need that’s not message. You can use some name of the person. Hi, nice to meet you. You can set up what is important. Withdrawal, auto, withdrawal. You can set up a number of days when you would like to withdraw the request and then set it up. Next means that you can finish it. It’s a one step campaign or you can add a follow up message and you can do that several times. So simple campaign usually contains two steps when you connect and when then you follow up with a message. Have you seen my message? In this case, you can also set up some delays. What is important is that when you send the request, how long are you going to keep that request here without response and how you’re going to calculate the statistics of your actions. So you’re setting up some number of days. Then when you send the request, you definitely need to check a reply. Was that action successful? Not? What should you do? And to collect the statistics, the performance of your campaign. So you’re also setting some number of dates. So this is a sample of like, a simple campaign that you can create. Next and the campaign is created very simple. Then you can select contacts that you exported from LinkedIn or go on LinkedIn and search directly. Here where our extension is needed. So that’s only a function of the extension in our cases to collect people from LinkedIn to search them on LinkedIn to export to our interface. So yeah, I will open our extension later, but I already have some campaigns. This campaign goes to drafts, we can open it later. And what is important? We try to do filtering and working with contacts on Dooozen very similar to what you have in classical CRM systems combined for search with filters that you will find on LinkedIn. So when you open filters, in Dooozen in our case, you’ll find absolutely close logic to what you have on LinkedIn. When you used to do some filtering on the platform, that definitely means that you’ll be comfortable to do that on Dooozen and vice versa on LinkedIn. So let’s say you want to create a campaign for first level client connections and only premium only contacts. You just apply fillers, let me do that. Yeah, you just apply fillers, choose contacts. What you want to add, select them on and add into campaign. Here is our campaign, confirm. Yeah, that’s all. Some notifications will show you that you can go to campaign. There is a draft of campaign which is ready to be launched. You can see some summary, number of campaigns, drafts. You can easily navigate to a context that you would like to use and what is important that you have already have some statistics dashboard, that is showing you a number of contacts by stages of activities. So there is some progress statistics. How many contacts were successfully added or connected? The same for each action. So you can measure not only campaign, but you can also measure an action. Let’s launch a campaign, you are launching campaign. And finally this goes, you can go to activity key and check what is happening here. So yeah, sometimes it has to be loaded. It should be on pause, just a second.

[00:15:05.830] – Dancho – Max, even if something goes wrong, you still have the excuse, it’s still in the data.

[00:15:10.180] – Maxim – Yeah, check in what is happening, yeah. Sometimes it goes wrong. Maybe that’s on the front and part, but. Yeah, just a second. Should be built now! No, that’s like always when you have a demo call with someone who wants to see that.

[00:15:39.560] – Dancho – We call it Murphy’s law.

[00:15:42.110] – Maxim – Yeah, and now it shows that it’s finished. Let me check why it’s happened. That’s why. Okay, you know, when you see that Dooozen is very smart.

[00:15:54.890] – Dancho – You already sent some campaign to those people?

[00:15:57.440] – Maxim – Yeah. I have already used that contacts for the campaign and these contacts which were listed at the first level contacts. They’re right now in the rejected plane because they already used in some other campaign. So let me show you already how our extension works. And I’ll show you how we can create the campaign and add people and what will happen next.

[00:16:21.540] – Dancho – Sure.

[00:16:22.610] – Maxim – Yeah. So here is my LinkedIn profile. Usually you go to LinkedIn. That’s a classical search page. Let’s find people, let’s say, which are first level connections and work with some company. Or let’s say we are looking for recruiters. The simplest, usually recruiters are looking for developers, but we’ll do by specific…

[00:16:50.250] – Dancho – The other way around.

[00:16:52.230] – Maxim – Yeah. So let’s use people, taking some first level connection and we want to let’s say, for example, send them a message. Show results, go into our Chrome extension. And that’s a simple button which shows you recent experts and allows you to export people. So you click on export, now you see this nice dog.

[00:17:23.610] – Dancho – Wait, I recalled something I wanted to ask you.

[00:17:26.140] – Maxim – Yeah, we’re just running and looking for…

[00:17:30.510] – Dancho – I just recalled I wanted to ask you because on your profile picture you have a cat and the whole Dooozen is a dog.

[00:17:39.030] – Maxim – That’s like always cat and dog lovers. We thought of adding some mascot for our solution and actually our co-founder is a dog lover. He insisted that this should be a dog which is looking for and which serves to you. So yeah, we found the contacts. Now we can go to our interface, go to contacts and see this contacts in our interface, in our exports. So there is a contact list and some recent exports that have been shown here. Let’s go to our campaign list and create some simple one step campaign to connect just to show you how it works. Let’s say connect. Connect one, create. Choose a message.

[00:18:37.490] – Dancho – Wait. But I thought these are already your friends?

[00:18:40.890] – Maxim – Yeah. It’s just my friends.

[00:18:46.500] – Dancho – You don’t want to connect with them again.

[00:18:50.350] – Maxim – Yeah. Do you have some work for me?

[00:18:57.830] – Dancho – If they respond in real time, you’ve proven it works.

[00:19:01.550] – Maxim – Yeah. They have some work for me.

[00:19:03.890] – Dancho – Now that you’ve asked, I need some work.

[00:19:07.850] – Maxim – Yes. So you can then go to your contacts or select export any way you like. But yeah, let’s see here because first we went to the export. Here is our primary export. You can select people. You can select all and just choose the campaign which you want to add. I called it Connect, but that’s our friends not a problem. Confirm and go into the same interface, going to our campaign. So here it shows that campaign in draft. There are 70 contacts and one step, launch.

[00:19:47.750] – Dancho – This is actually going to write to those 70 people, right?

[00:19:51.290] – Maxim – Yeah. So that’s when I’m going to write the 70 people. Now you can check your activities key so it should be updated. And here it’s activity key, showing the number of steps, showing when the action will be performed and showing people who will be reached first. So this is how it works. You can pay attention that there are two buttons like Launch campaign in the campaign itself and launch all activities. So you can do it here without going to the list of campaigns. Here are some campaigns. Active campaigns. Finished campaigns. We can manage these campaigns. We can stop, cancel them. Everything else. What is interesting is that you can see also campaigns here in the least you can see contacts and for the beta version of the solution, I would say that this is all, yeah. Plus some search options. So that’s a brief overview of Dooozen. I can also show you up when you’re installing and when you work with Chrome extension, you can see the same recently exported people. You can see that it’s very simple. You can go to admin panel and on Dooozn you can also set up something like working hours, when you would like to send messages, when you would like to launch and you’ll see some statistics which will appear here. This is also connected to a number of activities that we usually limit for the users. So to not overcome interface.

[00:21:40.900] – Dancho – That’s actually smart. And now Max, I thought that now LinkedIn gives 100 limitations per week. How are you actually handling that?

[00:21:51.070] – Maxim – Yeah. Currently it depends on our user.

[00:21:54.610] – Dancho – This is actually a new thing. I think they released like a few months ago. Before that we were doing like 2000.

[00:22:02.350] – Maxim – Yeah, sure. We try to keep and we encourage people to stick to some secure limits because you understand that LinkedIn is smart and if they decide to find people who do something over, they will do that. So currently we limit activities of people on Dooozen to 100. So to do not give people to reach out more. And then probably we’ll open this option later. But right now we would like our users to stick that limits.

[00:22:34.490] – Dancho – Yeah. You want to play fair with LinkedIn. Not overreaching that.

[00:22:38.870] – Maxim – Absolutely. To not maybe really puzzle LinkedIn with some new tools that are going to overwhelm interface.

[00:22:52.970] – Dancho – And Max, just another question. The Chrome extension, does it also work with Sales Navigator? Linkedin?

[00:22:58.800] – Maxim – Yes. But the beta version, it will also work with Sales Navigators.

[00:23:02.540] – Dancho – Got it! Yeah, because I know some of the people are actually using the free version of LinkedIn, while others are Sales Navigators. I was just curious whether Dooozen is covering. Got it, got it. Like this it looks straightforward. It reminded me a bit on the email campaigns that we run. You create a drip sequence on emails, and then you just add people on top of it. And the more you can continue adding because the campaign is already set up once. And here you did the same thing. You set up the campaign. Like here is the invitation. Here is the drip message sequence that needs to happen. And then you can just start adding contacts on top of the funnel.

[00:23:42.290] – Maxim – Absolutely. The same we thought about releasing the first version, which will be really straightforward. So here’s the tool, which has something that you need and you need to connect. You need to follow up. You need to message, you need to see some statistics. Definitely we have some more plans, but for the beta version or let’s say version one of the solution, we would like something which is core and we just tested and we just liked by our users. And when we get the first feedback and see what features are exactly missing for our people, because I’m definitely sure when we get first installs, we’ll get some requests. Hey, guys, can I do something with Dooozen more and we’ll do that research on what’s more needed. And yeah, we’ll prioritize our activities based on that as well.

[00:24:32.850] – Dancho – That’s a customer driven roadmap, because the road map is based on the feedback.

[00:24:39.110] – Maxim – Yeah, sure.

[00:24:40.690] – Dancho – Nice. And I’m also curious, Max, regarding Dooozen, is it open to partnerships in terms of all the things that I’ve seen so far, whether it’s resellers, affiliates, manage server, white label in that regard? How are you positioned?

[00:25:00.170] – Maxim – Yeah. Currently we are thinking about launching some affiliate campaign. Definitely it will be launched in this autumn. First of all, we rely on our old marketing activities on our own outreach for salespeople. Yeah, definitely. Affiliate programs will come soon. So watch our website and subscribe to our newsletter. You can find some use about that.

[00:25:26.510] – Dancho – Nice. And you said a few times you had some great ideas for the future, but you were not discussing them. So perhaps now is the right time to get some perspective. In terms of like, I know Dooozen is still in beta. You’re trying to launch it with the MVP, with the core features that, you know, that are mostly relevant to the salespeople. But where is the story headed? I mean, I’m sure that it’s not going to stop here.

[00:25:53.830] – Maxim – Absolutely. We have a lot of plans and the backlog is really huge for us. So first of all, you mentioned and you are very correct when you described how Dooozen works now. So it looks like your email automation campaigns. So when you add some contacts to existing campaigns, that’s something that we are going to do. We also would like our users to have a chance to reach people via email. So when we search thanks to LinkedIn profiles, working emails of people and send that email campaigns as well, that’s the first thing. Secondly, definitely we would like to add some opportunity to have a teamwork here, because when there is a team of sales, there is a problem when there’s some crossing between campaigns, crossing between products and so on. When there are multiple profiles of salespeople, or multiple profiles of lead generators, who would like to have a dashboard which is showing who is responsible for the campaign. What are the campaigns, how many campaigns are used for. And third feature, which is important, that’s not for sure when you have several lead generators. But sometimes it happens when lead generators using several accounts to manage several accounts in one interface, that’s also a plus. Currently that’s possible to do with one account. Otherwise you can probably buy more license, but you will have to register the solution via another Google Chrome or Gmail profile to use another one. Regarding that ambitious plans, which I told you at the beginning of our conversation, we’re thinking about adding like advanced scoring system. We call it partially like AI system. What is the problem? Usually people create campaigns on LinkedIn. They push that campaigns without having research on the contacts just based on title, headline. Maybe some story of interactions on LinkedIn like Sales Navigator, to see who was active for the recent 30 days or 90 days or who has changed the job. But we would like also to track the success story of people. And we would like also to do the scoring based on text, which is pointed on the LinkedIn profile and based on previous successfully added people. So our algorithm will analyze profiles of people on LinkedIn. We’ll analyze several parameters like activities, number of positions, years, composition, company, industry size, and based on the profile that has successfully added you or which you scored as the profile which brought you some success, will add similar people on campaign so it will look like, okay, you can launch your campaign for all people in the list. So let’s say you have 1000 people in the list or you can use our …, which will sort people based on your success story or your success criteria. This is like a technology of text mining, understanding, text recognition, and some part of a network which defines and which teaches on your experience on your activity, on your success rates and so on. So you will not have to compare it manually, track the statistics and do it by your hands. But it will be done by Dooozen.

[00:29:38.420] – Dancho – It actually sounds quite challenging to figure it out. And if you know look alike, usually it’s called the synonym where like this is the guy I want, find me similar people. And in that regard, it could significantly reduce the wastage. I mean, you’re inviting a guy that’s not active on LinkedIn, or you’re inviting someone that is not really even remotely. But he got captured in the same LinkedIn filter because we’ve noticed that LinkedIn can make mistakes when you make the filter. So with the look alike, you’re actually saying this is the type of people I’m interested in getting connected.

[00:30:15.270] – Maxim – Yeah, comparing this. And you know, this feature is very important, taking into account that new limits that LinkedIn put. So you have only 100 invites per week and you have to take care of that invites. So currently, like 15% of sales, they do that manually because 100 is not too much here to analyze, to search, but when you do not have much time and when your task is lead generation, when you’re in the front line of that work, you definitely need some helper for that functions.

[00:30:49.750] – Dancho – Got it. Well, hopefully that will come out soon, so we can then do another interview and Max shows us the magic.

[00:30:59.990] – Maxim – This magic is planned for 2022. Currently, our task in 21 is to cover that three core features, as I told you. It’s a teamwork that’s launching some sort of email campaigns and advancing on features that we have right now because the solution should be stable, easy to work and meet requirements of people who will install it and use.

[00:31:23.510] – Dancho – Nice, sounds quite exciting, Max. I mean, good luck. In two weeks I will be waiting to see whether it got live in 16, 17 days, to be honest, but I just wanted to wish you luck because it feels like it is, how it’s called feature driven tool because you’re in sales. You know what kind of problem you have and you’re just trying to create a tool that will, for start solve your problem. And then for people similar to you. And in that regard, it looks straightforward. It has the core functionalities that you need. And based on the roadmap, it really has an exciting trip ahead of it.

[00:32:08.090] – Maxim – Yeah, absolutely. So I believe that’s a space that’s a growing market. People more and more think of LinkedIn. Actually, all business people. All business profiles are on LinkedIn, and that’s the first source that you have to think about when you do some services or when you provide some services to businesses. So I believe that we have a bright future and Dooozen will help you and businesses that use LinkedIn to reach.

[00:32:35.780] – Dancho – Yeah. When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn is actually the ultimate platform. It is the biggest one out there. Max, I really wanted to thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to sneak peek in under the hood of Dooozen. I truly hope that I’m going to just leave links under the video, so everyone that’s actually interested and wanted to give it a try, they can go or maybe by the time they see it, it’s no longer going to be a beta version, but people will still have the opportunity. I didn’t manage to ask you when it goes live, will there be any way of, like, a free trial or something that people can just try?

[00:33:12.870] – Maxim – Yeah, absolutely. When we go live, first of all, when it’s beta, we are not going to charge people for the beta version. So you can use beta version of the solution for free. So that one or two months, you see that there are some basic functions we would like our people to enjoy Dooozen. When we add more features that I told you about, we will make a decision about getting charged for that features or for the solution in general. But we are thinking about affordable pricing. I’m sure that we will be in the market for this.

[00:33:53.150] – Dancho – I should create an account now while it’s still under beta.

[00:33:56.550] – Maxim – Absolutely. That’s one more reason to go in beta and to try the solution.

[00:34:03.590] – Dancho – Yeah. Well, I will just add the link from Dooozen at the bottom of the video. So anyone that actually is interested in actually checking out, but I can also name it, with three “o”, D-O-O-O-Z-E-N.I-O

[00:34:21.000] – Maxim – That’s like calm and relax, because you hope to chill when you use it, to do the job instead of you.

[00:34:33.490] – Dancho – Max, I really wanted to thank you for coming on the show. I wish you all the luck and let’s stop here and have a great day.

[00:34:43.370] – Maxim – Thank you very much, Dancho. Yes, have a great day!