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In the #18 episode of “The B2B Outbound Marketing & Sales Automation Series”, Dancho spoke with the Co-Founder & COO of Waalaxy, Guillaume Portalier.

Waalaxy allows you to prospect automatically on LinkedIn and by email, combining the power of these two channels. With the help of Waalaxy, you can easily find clients on LinkedIn, without any technical skills.

Who is it for?

  1. Salesperson/Marketer;
  2. Founder;
  3. Recruiter &
  4. Freelancer.

They offer 4 pricing plans: business, advanced, pro and free!

Check out Waalaxy here!
And yes, they offer a free trial, too!

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Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Dancho Dimkov
CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Guillaume Portalier
Co-Founder & COO at Waalaxy

Interview Transcript

[00:00:07.090] – Dancho – Welcome to another episode of B2B Outbound Marketing and Sales Automation. We have a really nice automation that we want to share with you guys today, and it’s coming from France. On the call, we have Guillaume from Waalaxy, and he’s going to tell you how his tool can be actually used to automate your outreach process. So, Guillaume, welcome to the show.

[00:00:31.040] – Guillaume – Hey, Dancho. Thanks for having me and hello, everyone.

[00:00:35.310] – Dancho – We were all excited because I’ve heard a lot of talking about Waalaxy in the sales community, and I said, well, it would be really nice if you can come and tell us a bit about the software, but let’s start from somewhere. Guillaume, would you tell us a bit some background about who you are, what you do, so people will get the background information before we digging into the software?

[00:00:58.260] – Guillaume – Yeah, sure. I’m the COO and co founder of Waalaxy. I’m 28 years old. Basically, all my experiences being the founder of Waalaxy because I founded the company three years ago when I was just out of school. That’s pretty much it.

[00:01:16.310] – Dancho – After a long sales experience, you started. No, but I completely understand. You come with a technical background, so you were more as a developer or you’re more from the sales background?

[00:01:28.610] – Guillaume – No, I’m more of the sales background. I went to a business school here in France and with a technical and IT competence to it, but I’m really more on the business side. We are three co-founders. My cousin, who is also the CEO, is also more on the business side of things. Then we have our CTO, which obviously is a developer and manages all things technical.

[00:01:59.710] – Dancho – Nice. You have a well divided structure among the founders. Guillaume, I was really curious, what inspired you to enter into the outreach automation world?

[00:02:10.500] – Guillaume – It’s a long story, but long story short, our first project started a bit more than three years ago. At the time, we were focusing on totally different projects. The idea was to develop a tool for chemist business owners to help them promote activities within the chemist and help everything about communication with the clients. It turns to be a terrible idea. We struggle to find any clients at all. It was a nightmare. Along that process, we automated the outreach part of prospecting because at the time we were looking for prospects on LinkedIn. As we were technical, we thought, Oh, it’s very boring and tadious to manually send invites and follow up some LinkedIn. I’m sure there’s a way we can automate this process. That’s what we did with a small internal tool at the time. At the time, we were also in a French incubator, and we spoke about our internal tools to our entrepreneurs and community. They were all like, Oh, that sounds like a great idea. great product. Can I buy it? Can I try it? The tool was not designed to be promoted. It was just an internal tool. But at the time, we realized, okay, so there’s this product we are working on for half a year and we don’t find any clients. Then there’s this other product, only a small tool that we developed for our needs. It took us two weeks to develop and we already have people that want to buy it, even though we don’t want to sell it. That’s how everything started. From that time, we switched product and we started all over again to have this time the possibility to distribute the product. It was a prospecting which was the Waalaxy predecessor. It was basically a LinkedIn automation tool.

[00:04:26.630] – Dancho – The market has spoken. It’s not what you have in mind to develop, but it’s actually the market feedback that actually drives the business around. While looking at Waalaxy, Guillaume, I was curious how it’s actually positioned on the market. Is it a Chrome extension? Is it a desktop app or is it a cloud solution? Is it more toward product oriented, service oriented, expensive, premium, affordable? Just how is it positioned on the market because there are quite a lot of automations out there nowadays?

[00:04:59.590] – Guillaume – Yeah, that’s a great question. As you said, there’s tons of similar tools on the market and competing products. As far as we’re concerned, we are a Chrome based extension but also cloud based. We basically have the best of both worlds where the extension allows us to retrieve all your information and skip the needs to have a proper sign up. Basically, you can download the tool and you don’t have anything to enter, no information. We automatically would trace your LinkedIn info and from that we create your accounts. It’s a very seamless experience. On the other side, everything that happens is done and performed through the cloud. It’s more secure. It runs 24/7 without the needs to keep your computer open. It’s the best of both worlds. Then in terms of where we position ourselves, we are definitely product oriented. We are fully product like growth, meaning that we don’t do any sales, we don’t do any call. Everything goes through our chat support. We have onboarding tutorials. But all in all, the tool we really focused on how easy it is to use the tool. We focus more on people that are not savvy, from small business owners to freelancers, small sales team. We are midmarket and we focus on companies that are below 100 people, basically.

[00:06:43.640] – Dancho – Nice. For those that don’t know, Waalaxy is focused more on LinkedIn and email as the two outreach channels, right?

[00:06:52.650] – Guillaume – That’s it. We do basically the best two channels you can have for outreach. I mean, you can use WhatsApp and Twitter, but 80 % of B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn and the rest from email.

[00:07:14.020] – Dancho – But we are on the same page, Guillaume. Even in BizzBee, as an agency, we work exclusively with LinkedIn and email because LinkedIn is the best B2B platform out there, social media platform, and the email is email. It still works as it’s a business outreach channel. I was curious, Guillaume, perhaps you can give us a walk through to the software and what functionalities you have. So for people that are curious to have a sneak peek on what’s inside and how it works.

[00:07:42.310] – Guillaume – Yeah, sure. So let me share my screen. Here’s the homepage. You basically have a bunch of information about your activity. The number of responses you got, your reply rate. That’s for the LinkedIn side, but you also have the same for the email side. Your acceptance rates, PCPS and above your activity all time, and then you can also filter by a set of a specific date. Then everything is really the core of the product is the campaigns. You can start a campaign from here, for example. Here you’ll have a short clip of our most used sequences. But I’ll show you how it looks. Basically, the choice we’ve made is to provide you with predefined templates. Here, for example, you can see that you have a simple invitation and then two messages, and you have almost 200 different sequences. Here you can look for only LinkedIn sequences or LinkedIn plus email. You can also play with the filters. For example, let’s say you want to perform an invitation and then you want to send two messages.

[00:09:10.960] – Dancho – I was just curious, based on the filters, it is recommending out of the hundreds of templates?

[00:09:16.770] – Guillaume – Exactly. For example, here you can see that I selected invitation and two messages, so it will display all sequences that have invitation and two messages. Here, for example, I want also to have an email finder and an email to take a more complex sequence. Here, if you take a look. No more preview. Here you can see… I don’t know if you can actually see because my screen is small.

[00:09:56.740] – Dancho – Yes, I can see the whole sequence.

[00:09:59.000] – Guillaume – You have the sequence. Based on the prospect status, either not connected on LinkedIn or connected or pending. Here you can see that if the prospect is connected or pending, it won’t stop the enter of the campaign. If the prospect is not connected, then it will go through the whole sequence. Here you have a visit, then you can set up a delay, so one day, two days, three days extra. Then you have an email finder step, which basically allows you to retrieve the professional email of your prospects because after that you want to run an email sequence. But if you are not connected to the prospects, you won’t have the email, so it’s a necessary step. Then if we manage to retrieve the email, which happens around half of the time, you’ll have a CRM sync step if you want to synchronize all the information with your CRM, and then a series of one email, two email, then an invitation. If the prospect is connected, another CRM sync, then one message, one email, one message. It’s definitely a complex sequence. Then from here, if we don’t manage to trip the email, it goes through another sequence with only the LinkedIn steps. That’s our more complex sequences. But then if you want to run, I would say, most of our users, more simple sequence because as I mentioned, we focus more on how easy it is to use the tool. You can start a simple invitation plus two messages campaign. Here you validate the title, then you choose from where you want to import your prospects. Directly from LinkedIn, if you want to run an import or if you already have prospects within a Wild seed, then for example, you select among the list. Then you select… No, not this one, maybe this one. Okay, you select the prospect. Here you are the invitation steps, so you can choose to add a note or no note. Then you have the possibility to add a delay and then you can write a message. I won’t launch this campaign anyway. You then also have another delay, another message. Then here you can simply launch your campaign. Once it’s launched, it appears here at your running campaign. Then you can manage here the prospects in your campaign, basically.

[00:13:03.840] – Dancho – Nice.

[00:13:04.340] – Guillaume – It it. Then there’s also here’s the queue where you can see next actions. For now, you can see that I don’t have any other actions that are coming because I don’t really have active campaigns. Here you have another interesting feature, which is the inbox feature. It’s basically the LinkedIn messaging, but improved. You have the possibility to add some tags to your prospects. Here you have the tags that are…

[00:13:35.580] – Dancho – Like a mini CRM.

[00:13:36.670] – Guillaume – Yeah, it’s like a mini CRM. We felt like there were lots of features that were missing on LinkedIn, on the LinkedIn messaging, especially. That’s why we created the inbox. All the tags that you will add here will be synchronized with Waalaxy. If this prospect is present on Waalaxy, then the tags will be synchronized. You also have the possibility to send a follow up message in the future. Here you type your message, you decide when you want to send that message, and the message will simply be sent at a later date. You can also remind that conversation. For example, I need to reply to this Magnus person, but I don’t have time now and I don’t want the conversation to be lost in the feed. Just remind me this conversation later, set a reminder to tomorrow. The conversation will disappear from your messages, but then tomorrow it will pop at the very top as a new message. That’s interesting. Then you have also other features that will be coming soon, like the possibility to add a small note here for every prospect. Also bulk actions here. You will be able to bulk, read and read schedule, remind, export, send to Zaker, tag, etcetera. These are basically the features we are currently working on.

[00:15:20.980] – Dancho – It looks quite comprehensive because when you’re able to mix between LinkedIn and email, you really get the synergy between the both. Guillaume, you showed the templates from starting the campaign, but you can create custom outreach sequences, right?

[00:15:38.430] – Guillaume – No, you can’t create custom sequences in the sense that you can’t drag and drop.

[00:15:46.620] – Dancho – You have to use one of the hundred templates and then adjust it to your needs.

[00:15:51.100] – Guillaume – Because we figured that there’s not a lot of things you can actually do if you use only LinkedIn steps, email, and CRM sync. In the end, you only have a visit, follow, invite, message, send an email, and synchronize.

[00:16:10.450] – Dancho – This is actually the hundred alternatives that you can do.

[00:16:13.090] – Guillaume – Exactly. We basically made every different sequences that were possible to do. If you do have one sequence that you absolutely want and that is not already existing on the platform, you can simply contact us. If it does not exist, it’s either because it’s not possible or it doesn’t really make sense. If it does, well, we can make it in less than 48 hours, so you can use it. Because as we wanted to focus on the usability of the product, it was way more easy to do it this way because most of the time people are not really aware of the limitation implied by the creation of sequences. For example, if you want to run a simple message campaign on LinkedIn, you need to be connected with your prospects. But if you don’t know that, which actually a lot of our users don’t know because they are, again, they’re not tech savvy people, they’re not experts in outreach. Sometimes and oftentimes they discover LinkedIn at the same time as they discover Waalaxy. They’re not really aware of all the limitation and so it’s way easier to provide them with pre existing sequences that works instead of letting them creating their own sequence to later find out that they can’t really use that sequence that they created.

[00:17:48.030] – Dancho – Got it. From your perspective, since you have the tech background, you already matched all the possible combinations that are out there. Of course, if a new combination comes out, of course, you can add it in the future. This is far better from a user perspective, so people cannot get lost in the automation.

[00:18:06.420] – Guillaume – That’s it.

[00:18:07.910] – Dancho – Got it. Well, I think that it’s pretty straightforward. Anyone can actually use this tool just by clicking on the start of the campaign and setting up a few variables in regards to target audience or messages and the queue. And of course, as they evolve, start using the more complicated sequence. But that’s for at least a bit more advanced than one that you show where it sends invitation if you try to reject, try to find the emails, that’s slightly more complicated. I was curious in regards to partnership, how is Waalaxy oriented in regards to partnership? Do you have affiliate or white label options?

[00:18:48.430] – Guillaume – Yeah, we don’t have any white label options, although we do have a pretty interesting affiliate program where we share 50 % of the revenue generated by the affiliates through their whole lifetime. From the very first affiliate. We also provide you with a dedicated platform where you can get an access to and a view of all your affiliates, those who are paying, what they are paying, those who are not yet paying. They subscribe. They’ve created their account on the platform, but they’re a free users for now because we have a premium plan as well. You also get all their information if you want to push them content to have them on board on the platform and convert to those users.

[00:19:44.870] – Dancho – Nice.

[00:19:46.510] – Guillaume – We have three different options that you can choose among. The 50 % commission or a 30 % commission, but then a 20 % discount code that you can share with your affiliate or 30 percent commission for a two month free trial for the affiliate, which is also interesting. We’ve put quite a lot of effort into our affiliate program. As I mentioned, we developed our own platform to allow affiliate partners to manage all their affiliates.

[00:20:35.310] – Dancho – Nice. I was just also curious, Guillaume, how does it work when you have a team of salespeople, when you’re not a one person?

[00:20:43.880] – Guillaume – I haven’t showed you that on the demo because otherwise it would have been a bit long. But we do have a team…

[00:20:52.060] – Dancho – But you cover this option as well.

[00:20:54.240] – Guillaume – Yeah, we do have a team based option where you can basically have an unlimited number of people within the same team. Then when you do that, it automatically unlocks some features such as the possibility to import prospects from one profile to another, to prevent prospects duplicates within the team. For example, you want to make sure all person from the team prospects different people and they’re not prospects that are…

[00:21:32.160] – Dancho – Overlapping between the team.

[00:21:34.030] – Guillaume – Yeah, overlapping, etc. We do provide this option for agencies. We do have clients, some marketing agencies, sales generation agencies. We also have big sales teams with more than hundreds of accounts.

[00:21:54.260] – Dancho – Hundreds of accounts is quite a big. I thought if you have a team of 3, 5, 10 people in your sales department, that there is a way how they can utilize Waalaxy without overlapping with leads and then synchronizing across accounts.

[00:22:09.780] – Guillaume – Yeah. But even with the hundreds of accounts, it really depends on who you’re targeting. In the case of our clients, our biggest clients have exactly 150 accounts on the platform in the same team. But their prospects are basically unlimited because they’re more on the B2C side of things. As you know, LinkedIn is a huge platform with more than half a billion users. Even with 150 accounts, you basically have an unlimited number of prospects to contact. You can add accounts and you won’t reach the prospect limit.

[00:22:53.260] – Dancho – Which limits are usually now Guillaume in the Waalaxy? Is it the 100 per week or is it the old one that were 2,000 per month? I know that some were doing some backdoor, some were still… We still stick to the 400, but I was just curious the capacities of Waalaxy.

[00:23:12.740] – Guillaume – Yeah, we do bypass the LinkedIn restrictions in terms of invitations that you can send, which is currently around 100 per week. On Waalaxy, you can send around 500 per week, so yes, 2,000 per month if you take the advance to our business plan.

[00:23:31.990] – Dancho – It is in the premium packages.

[00:23:35.160] – Guillaume – Yeah.

[00:23:35.990] – Dancho – Guillaume, I was also curious, we are reaching in 2023. What are the future plans? I saw in some of the features is coming soon and coming soon, but I wanted to hear your opinion or where Waalaxy is headed in the future.

[00:23:51.060] – Guillaume – Yeah. We are going to develop more the data side of things because we figured that what really matters now is not really your ability to contact your prospects, but more the quality of your segmentation because what really makes the difference at the end is your ability to target the right people, the people that might be most interested with your product or service. For that, you need lots of data to make sure that this corresponds to your ideal target. We’ll continue to be based on LinkedIn because it’s the biggest and most up to date B2B platform in the world. But then we’ll add more information. Another layer of filters. For example, on LinkedIn, you can’t really filter by gender, so male, female. For a variety of reasons, you might want to target only female or only male. We’ll add this filter by using different APIs that allow us to match your first name with your gender. We’ll basically add lots of data into the platform to make sure you can segment your list better. Then we also work on a new feature that will probably be called workflow, even though it’s not yet 100 % defined. Here, the idea, again, is to make sure that you contact the right person at the right time with the right message. Basically, how it will work, it will be a feature that allows you to send or do an action based on an event and a condition. For example, you’re able to target all the people that change their job and you will be able to add conditions. For example, if they’re in X, Y, Z industry or have five years of experience or more, then it will automatically send them into a campaign and allow you to have some different workflows that work automatically tag your prospects automatically synchronized with your CRM automatically based on condition and event. It will be more complicated than what Waalaxy allows you to do now, but it will allow us to go more at markets and address people that want to do more complicated things. The good thing about this is it will be a bit complicated to set up it at the beginning. But then once it will be set up, it will basically put your outreach on autopilot and make sure it’s always relevant. We are quite excited with this feature.

[00:27:01.040] – Dancho – Nice. To add on top of this, Guillaume, we currently have a campaign where we target females on LinkedIn. It’s an Australian client about book writing targeting collaborative woman book publishing. It’s a hustle to figure out how to… It’s a manual process. There’s not a way. But I would love to see this upcoming feature coming into the Waalaxy. Guillaume, we have to start wrapping up because we are running out of time. But how can people actually test it? You said you had a free trial or something on your website. Where can people go and actually check out the Waalaxy?

[00:27:41.890] – Guillaume – I will share a link with the audience where if they go through the link, they will get two months for free. It’s cool if they want to try the product. Then if people want to reach out to me to discuss any topics, I’ll be happy to. They can simply reach out to me on LinkedIn. Again, I’ll also share my LinkedIn profile.

[00:28:03.770] – Dancho – Usually, just right under the video on our website, we have the social media and the link that you’ve sent. Everybody that are listening can just check out the Waalaxy give it a try. In two months, you might even land the client, not just give it a try. Then it’s up to the audience. If they really see that it’s working for their business, of course. If it saves them a lot of hours and a lot of time with the automation, of course, they’re going to want to use it. Guillaume, I really want to thank you for participating on this show. I really find the presentation insightful. And for everybody out there, check out the platform, check out the Waalaxy, and hopefully you’ll find it insightful.

[00:28:45.840] – Guillaume – Thanks, Dancho. It was a pleasure.

[00:28:47.820] – Dancho – Same.