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In the #17 episode of “The B2B Outbound Marketing & Sales Automation Series”, Dancho spoke with the CCO and Co-founder of, Mike Korba. is a no-code marketing automation and CDP software.
And it’s the platform that helps your team turn touchpoints into experiences. offers a wide range of features. Some of them are:

  1. Visitor Tracking (User Behavior Tracking, Custom Events, API Integration);
  2. CRM (Custom Attributes, Email Reports, Loss Reason Tracking);
  3. Email Marketing (Templates, A/B Testing, Drag & Drop Builder) &
  4. Automation Chatbot (Bot Message, Answer Condition, Assign Agent).

They have hundreds of integrations, such as Google Tag Manager, Slack, Mailchimp, and Zoom.

But, above all, their values influence every decision they make.

Check them out here!

STAY TUNED for more success stories, tips&tricks, and awesome tools in the B2B Outbound world!


Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Dancho Dimkov
CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Mike Korba
CCO and Co-founder of

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