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Imagine a world where you can easily scrape B2B emails from Twitter?
With Scrapybird, the possibilities are endless! 🤩

In the #25 episode of “The B2B Outbound Marketing & Sales Automation Series”, Dancho spoke with the founder of Scrapybird, Valentin Wallyn.

Scrapybird is a Twitter B2B email scraper. No Twitter accounts needed, no proxy requirements, and no charge for duplicates. 🤯

How does it work?
🐦 Enter Twitter accounts (or tweets) to scrape;
🐦 Scrape of followers, list members, and more;
🐦 Get your targeted email list enriched with valuable Twitter metadata.

Learn more about the tool here! 👈
Input your target Twitter accounts and grab those business emails! 😎

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Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Dancho Dimkov
Founder of BizzBee Solutions

Valentin Wallyn
Founder of Findymail

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