Dancho Dimkov – CEO Interview

7 Nov 2020

BizzBee Solutions started as a general marketing consulting, offering market research and business planning services. With more than 5 years of existence and 400+ clients, the focus shifted towards sales consulting for SMEs.
BizzBee is now highly specialized in B2B outreach and prospecting for high-ticket service providers.

Each of us needs a little push and motivation for pursuing our dreams. And for Dancho Dimkov, the person who inspired him the most was his wife. When they started the business, the first 3-6 months, they worked 18h per day. Side by side.

It’s not an uncommon thing, Dancho loves what he does. He sees BizzBee as a vessel for helping startups and SMEs reach out to more companies and solve a particular problem of theirs. A win-win-win.


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Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

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