An Interview with Dancho Dimkov, CEO of BizzBee Solutions

15 Feb 2021

It is quite easy to lose focus on what’s important when you’re running a company, especially a bootstrapped one, says Dancho Dimkov.
When time, budget, and resources are limited, roads lead to burnout.
But, Dancho found a way that helps him stay on track. Taking some time off with his family, being present and travelling. There’s nothing a family evening, or a quick trip can’t solve.

BizzBee Solutions is focused on B2B high-ticket service providers, dividing them into 3 categories: consultants, software providers and agencies.
Creating a different home page for each target, with more specific case studies and testimonials, improved their conversion exponentially.

For Dancho, there is no hack for getting a reputation as a trusted brand.
It has to be earned, the hard way. He recommends being active on social media and publishing content on the subject.


Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

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Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Jerome Knyszewski
Founder and CEO of HeavyShift Marketing