From seeking a new job to maintaining your company or personal brand, LinkedIn is becoming an important part of being a full-fledged professional in any industry these days. In a recent survey, 40% of the respondents stated that the most important network for B2B marketers is actually LinkedIn. This report beats out social networks like Facebook by 3% and Twitter by 25%. As a result, these numbers confirm that this social platform is seen as a sophisticated and mature channel when compared to Twitter and Facebook. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn offers the greatest gathering of professionals and decision-makers in almost every industry. For every marketer, this means a chance to increase their B2B leads while growing their professional network as well.

Equally important, LinkedIn is the digital playground of professionals. But like all digital marketing channels, this platform doesn’t generate leads without your effort. Here’s how BizzBee Solutions helps companies use the power of lead generation through LinkedIn.

The methods that we use

Namely, BizzBee Solutions is a powerful B2B lead generation service specializing in generating qualified B2B leads for small and medium businesses. Our lead generation plans are designed for serious B2B companies who want to grow their network with qualified decision makers for their products or services. As a result, we work closely with clients to develop a clearly defined lead generation campaign with 3 goals in mind:

  • To grow their network of people.
  • To improve brand visibility.
  • To deliver marketing and sales qualified leads.

The methods we use are designed to increase your B2B connections on LinkedIn quickly. From our experience, a 3-month plan will provide enough time to grow a network of relevant prospects as well as build a relationship with them. Our customized strategy will make sure that our clients stand out from the crowd and place them in direct contact with real decision makers. We guarantee that the B2B leads they receive are pre-qualified and already interested in our client’s products and services.

Hence, here are the 5 stages that our lead generation service provides to clients:

Stage 1: Targeting & discovery

In the first stage, the only requirement for the client is for them to send us a brief introduction of their specific marketing goals including job titles, keywords, and locations of the people that they want to connect with. Our team will then do in-depth research to discover the exact people that are looking for the solution that the client has to offer. Knowing who they want to approach, we use Sales Navigator’s 20+ criteria to discover the Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and target the most relevant ones.

Stage 2: Sending personalized requests for connecting

An account manager from our team will work daily on our client’s behalf to make connections with the ideal people that we discovered for them during the targeting stage. We will send each of them a personalized connection request. This approach is an efficient way for our client’s network to grow with qualified people each day. Once we start, we will be sending 100 customized invitations each working day. As there are around 20 working days per month, this means we will send at least 2,000 customized invitation requests to highly-targeted prospects. As their ideal client accepts your invitation, we automatically send them a customized thank you message.

Stage 3: Initiate conversations

As prospects respond, we switch to human responses, in order to push them toward requesting a quote or to talk to sales. In other words, we start conversations on our client’s behalf and start to build a relationship with all of their newly-formed connections. During this stage, we will increase the interest level in products and services. During preparation, we create content based on the ICP, from invitation message, follow up message, or any other message that needs to be sent throughout the campaign. Next, the client confrims the content we create for them. Thus, the messages will be sent from their professional profile, and so the client must be comfortable with the content. Furthermore, our team will answer on their behalf according to the previously prepared questions and answers.

Stage 4: Reporting

The client has the opportunity to receive a detailed report showing all of the new connections that they have received along with the number of qualified B2B leads generated from the campaign.

At this stage, there are 2 types of reports that we deliver for our clients:

  • First, a real-time progress report (a summary of all the work that has been done in a Google sheet, where the client can have access to our real-time progress, including a summary dashboard.)
  • Second. a monthly report (an overview of invitations sent, how many prospects have accepted, how many initiated communication, and how many of them have become warm leads.)

Stage 5: Delivery of warm leads

A warm lead is a prospect that has asked for a quote or requested to talk to sales. As a result, we forward warm leads to the client’s sales team along with all of the gathered data. We deliver them in a simple excel file, URL to LinkedIn communication. Or we directly upload them to their CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamic, etc.)

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Wrap up

In conclusion, 85% of marketers state that lead generation is their organizations’ number 1 marketing goal. If you learn how to effectively utilize this social platform it will make you different and better than your competitors. If your LinkedIn lead generation strategy doesn’t show the results you wanted and you don’t see the Return on Investment (ROI) you were looking for, don’t give up on LinkedIn. Instead, change the marketing strategy you are using to generate qualified B2B leads. Another option you have is to hire an agency to do that for you. It’s that simple.