Are you keen on data analysis and evaluation? Do you enjoy creating solutions for perspective business problems and communications with different people from the business environment? Are you excited about upcoming technology solutions and innovation that improve business processes? If your answer is yes, then a career as a business analyst could be the one for you. But what is a business analyst exactly and what do business analysts do?

Job profile

A business analyst is an expert that examines a business or organization and assesses how the organization’s business model integrates with technology. It is someone who analyses the organization and the design of technical systems, business models, processes and strategic business needs.

As a business analyst, you’ll help in implementing innovation processes, work on various projects and you will identify and analyze market opportunities for your clients. As a business analyst, you must comprehend the current state of a business organization and identify future requirements in the process. You must also develop solutions that’ll meet the requirements.

Business analysts always understand how businesses work and show good knowledge of the industry that the businesses operate in.


The competition in the job market is fierce when it comes to business analysts. Having an Economics degree is definitely an advantage. However, it’s not mandatory in the field of work as a business analyst. As long as you demonstrate excellent business analytical skills & a grasp for business computing systems, you’re considered as a candidate for the job.

Moreover, you’re considered as a strong candidate if you own the other complementary skills required to work in a business environment. These involve the ability to work in a team, to use technology and to know how to properly manage projects too.

To do your job as a business analyst successfully, you’ll have to know how to do the following:

  • Communicate and write flawless English in person and online;
  • Work on various business projects and initiatives;
  • Ability to motivate a team and lead others through innovation;
  • Manifest a passion for business and business development;
  • Use data modeling practices to assess findings and create strategic and organizational improvements;
  • Understand the client target and find highly targeted companies alongside direct contact information from decision makers;
  • Describe the benefits of your recommendations across business departments and help in addressing any uncertainty and concern;
  • Provide analytics and project MGMT support to assist the overall decision-making process;
  • Ability to work in deadlines and juggle multiple projects.

Are you ready to start your career as a Business Analyst?

Working as a business analyst is the same thing as working in architecture. But in business analysis, instead of buildings, you’re developing business solutions and innovations.

Instead of creating building plans, as a business analyst, you will create prerequisites that express business needs and solutions that will align with business processes and the prerequisites. You’ll be always alert to deal with issues and questions and to help businesses in implementing the required innovations. So, are you ready to answer the challenge and start your business career as a Business Analyst?

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