Nowadays, technology has advanced immensely. It seems that everything we see is at some part – automated. Automation, as we know, is the ability of a machine to replace human manual labour. Or at least reduce it. Simple as that. And it’s life-changing.
In this blog post, we will talk about various tools for B2B email outreach. But, first, do we understand the importance of automation today? Let’s take the washing machine, for example. We all do laundry regularly, right? The machine doesn’t load the laundry by itself, yet – but it does everything else. When we are at it, I finally learned how to use our washing machine recently. I don’t know if I deserve a sarcastic clap or a standing ovation 🙂

Anyway, I learned how to load it, what clothes I should pick (I realised I can’t put all the garments together), filled it with detergent and just pressed the button. A small step for the human race, but a giant leap for me. 

Imagine doing your laundry by hand? Long, exhausting and frankly horrifying.

Sometimes, when we mention automated things, robots pop up in our minds. Those metallic human-looking mechanisms that want to take over our planet. Brrrr…
Fortunately, these are still a segment of our imagination. Kinda. But don’t let me get you excited, or worse terrified.

Automation tools are made to ease our life. Well, some of them are just here to complicate it, like automated cars. Sorry, but no. I would like the control over my car back, please. How is this thing even supposed to follow the rules on the road, when they vary depending on the situation? I guess they haven’t tested them in the Balkans.

Meh, I don’t know, maybe I am just getting old. 

On the other hand, there are tools, like the washing machine invented solely to make our lives more bearable. Or our jobs. Especially our jobs.

Tools for B2B cold email outreach –  Pros & Cons

At first, I was a sceptic to use pretty much any tool that deprives me of having full control. Control freak, I know.
But soon after, I realised that having the right tools for B2B cold email outreach is the future. Especially when you are doing outbound outreach for a living. I have to lose a tad control, to gain a lot more. Automation helps speed up the process, reduce unnecessary expenses, and recognise possible human errors.

I was struggling at the start. I thought that having such a tool can be perceived as a scam, so I was worried. But, the deeper I looked into the business field, I noticed that everyone was doing it. So I gave it a try. I didn’t want to be the one left behind. Doing everything by hand.
In sales particularly, these tools are a godsend. Let’s go over some arguments supporting the automation in sales.

pros and cons for email outreach, bizzbee illustration.

The Pros

Increased selling time and rep productivity
“Today’s sales process takes 22 % longer than 5 years ago.”
That means, nowadays people need more time to make up their mind. They can’t decide what is best for them because of how much information is available to them out there. Since the process is getting lengthier, the marketers and entrepreneurs needed to find a way to speed up the prospecting process at least.
In an article from Salesbenchmarkindex, it’s said: “If your typical account executive could reduce their time prospecting from 20% down to 10% of their day by using an automated prospecting system, it would contribute 200 hours of selling time every year”.
Noteworthy, right?

Predefined templates
Most of these tools come with predefined email templates. While you have the freedom to personalize them further, as much as you like. Because of this, the copywriting process is largely simplified.
Templates are especially useful if you are an outreach copy beginner. It’s far easier to fill the boxes with content and then modify accordingly, rather than building it from scratch.

Variety of features
Competition can be ruthless, even in this field. New email tools pop up as we speak. As a result of that, the tools that offer more features or variables are the winners. However, it’s not so easy to offer plenty of features for free and still make money out of it. That’s why most of the tools have trial versions, basic plan (this usually is limited on a few hundred emails per day, and limited follow-ups), then pro or other high tier subscription options.

Analytics and reporting
The most important feature of each tool is to be able to make an in-depth analysis of what works and what doesn’t. Thankfully, most of these tools have access to email open-rates, click-through rates and reply rates as well as A/B split testing. Having these insights is everything in the sales world.

The Cons

As with everything in life, here too, we have few arguments against using email outreach tools. 

Price tag
Email outreach tools can be expensive. Most often, the more features the platform has, the more expensive it is. Especially for small businesses and SMEs, who can’t really afford to invest any more extra money. 

Limited users/options
This is a con if you decide to save on the money, and choose a cheaper plan. It may be more affordable, but it could be of no value to you. This can be off-putting, because you may need additional administrators and/or features to support the outreach. 

Lack of personalisation
Today’s tools for B2B email outreach offer great functionality and are true time savers. But, there is one thing we often mismanage – the personalisation part. It’s not that the tools themselves don’t offer the option for you to write down the text yourself, and have an algorithm that will set apart names from last names or email addresses without it, but it’s again the human factor. We tend to neglect the human touch for the sake of having everything automated. Is saving time more important than adding that bit of personality?

8 cold outreach automation tools

When I first started my company, my no. 1 priority was to gather the best team and provide value to our clients. I tried doing things manually, but as the clients multiplied, I simply couldn’t keep up. We needed to try a different approach. I started reading and studying more and more on how to make the outreach more efficient.

What I needed was to speed up the processes while keeping the same pace. The obvious choice was checking out some email automation outreach tools. Of course, I couldn’t and didn’t want to replace my employees with some automation tools, but I needed to train them to use it.

Now, 4 years later, our business flourishes. We still use automation tools, but I found that people are confused with the choices. It’s especially hard to distinguish between the inbound and outreach tools. So I thought I’d make you a nice list of 8 tools for B2B cold email outreach. Here it is:


This is a great tool that we’ve been using for some time now. It has a great design, and it’s fairly easy to use. You can try it out before the subscription – they have a 14-day trial version. Reply pricing starts at $70.00 per month, per user.
Maybe one of the best features is that the majority of emails you send, end up in the inbox, not in the spam or junk folder. You can easily monitor the responses, follow-up with your content or engage with the leads in real-time. It has comprehensive statistics on performance metrics, as well as A/B variables testing. This is a tool with which you can do smart outreach. The campaigns are easy to build, and adding contacts is a breeze.


Snovio is probably one of our favourite email outreach tools out there. We are using this platform for years, and it has brought great results ever since. Snovio pricing starts at $39.00 per month, per user. With this plan, you receive 1,000 credits and 1,000 unique recipients. You can spend your credits on Email finder, Email validation, Email drip campaigns, Integrations. You can also choose the teamwork option or export them.
There is a free version. You can also take advantage of the annual plan and get 2 months for free! Snovio saves a lot of time with automated follow-ups and keeps the prospects list clean. High level of email personalisation and campaign editor. Do you want a higher open rate? More conversions? Lower bounce rate? Snovio will fix it for you.


Woodpecker pricing starts at $40.00 per month, per user. They offer a free trial. Sleek design and great UI. It has an email throttling (human-like sending), personalisation, metrics, and email validation. As a limitation, it has up to 7 follow-ups, without the possibility for attachment. Great customer support, insightful tutorials and you can use tags to sort out your lists better. You can measure variables like open, click, reply rates, interest rate etc. Email sequences are easy to track. The process is straightforward, and the setup is quick, which allows launching campaigns in a very short period of time.


One of the best tools for B2B email outreach. The starting price is at $19 per month. With this tool, you can effortlessly put your sales process on autopilot and do easy drip marketing. It’s suitable for both small and large companies. The software is super easy to use and has excellent UX and UI. It’s free for up to 25 active contacts. It offers pretty much the same features as the above-mentioned tools, in summary: email sequencing, open & click tracking, bounce detection, auto-pause on reply, etc.

Let’s see what the Co-Founder of Replyify has to say about this amazing tool:

“The best thing about Replyify is our support & customer success team. We’re pretty picky about new clients that we allow to access the platform. Sales prospecting email deliverability is of the utmost importance and we only work with clients who are serious about creating a top of the funnel process that stays within spam guidelines.”

Ryan O’Donnell, Co-Founder at Replyify.

SmartReach pricing starts at $24.00 per month, per user. That’s pretty decent pricing. In the standard individual plan, you can contact a total of 1000 prospects per month, per user. The number of receiving email accounts, campaigns, and follow-ups is unlimited. It has a bunch of features that we find extremely useful, like automated follow-ups and advanced email sequencing. With’s Dynamic Email Content, you can include conditional statements which can help you hyper personalise your emails. Overall, managing your outreach campaigns with this tool should be a no brainer.


Mailshake pricing starts at $59.00 per month, per user. Fair price, if we take into consideration what it offers. This tool is great for sales professionals, founders & entrepreneurs, content marketers, and anyone looking to earn leads via cold outreach. Mailshake allows you to personalise emails and track responses while following simple rules to avoid a spammy feeling. You can automatically send personalised emails to an entire list of contacts at once. You can also build follow-up emails that get automatically sent to recipients who don’t open or engage with your first email. Overall, a great tool to engage with your prospects all in one place.


Lemlist’s pricing starts at $29.00 per month, per user. Very decent. They also offer a free trial. From features, we can highlight these: A/B testing, drip campaigns, event-triggered email, subscriber management, dynamic content, image library, reporting/analytics, template management. It’s really easy to get used to it, very functional as well. The developers behind Lemlist work very hard to remove all the bugs, so you can feel more comfortable using it.
We thought it’s smart to reach out to Lemlist’s Head of Growth – Vukasin so we can hear straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Lemlist is a cold email tool that helps agencies, sales teams and B2B businesses personalize and automate outreach campaigns. There are three unique features that Lemlist provides you with.
Number one is the ability to insert & overlay custom screenshots, images or logos onto images within your emails. That way, you’re adding a much-needed personal touch without sacrificing the ability to send emails at scale.
Number two is the auto email address warm-up. By leveraging lemwarm, you will significantly boost your email deliverability without breaking a sweat.
Finally, you’re able to launch all kinds of sequences and put them on autopilot, without losing personalization at scale.”

Vukasin Vukosavljevic, Head of Growth at Lemlist.


BuzzStream’s pricing starts at $24/mo. per 1,000 contacts.
It helps you stay organized while you do various projects throughout the day. BuzzStream has a simple interface and is very intuitive. One can easily manage link building and email outreach. You can share templates with your team, the reporting feature is also well managed, and they have great customer support.
We thought it even better if you hear the benefits of BuzzStream directly from their Chief Growth Officer – Stephen Panico:

“At BuzzStream we believe there is a fundamental tension between email customization and send volume that tends to really confound outreach teams. We’ve developed tools to eliminate this tension by making it simple to send highly targeted emails at scale. This means that teams avoid sending irrelevant messages, stepping on each other’s toes, and otherwise annoying their outreach targets, all while sending a volume of outreach that will move the needle in their campaigns. We do this by providing tools that enable efficient list building & qualification, outreach workflows that give a complete view of their recipient, and a CRM that shows the complete history or team communications and activities.”

Stephen Panico, Chief Growth Officer at BuzzStream.

3 extra cold outreach tools

Even though my research was extensive, I was sure there are still some other tools for B2B email outreach. That’s why I decided to reach out. I asked my community of marketers, CEOs and salespeople to share with me what tools they use in their email outreach. As always, they were eager to weigh in. The responses were miscellaneous. However, they would have made the length of a book if I decided to share them all. Here are the ones I thought you’ll find useful:

Gmass: I recommend using Gmass. It allows you to send personalized emails at scale with one click, and it also sends follow-ups based on if someone responded to earlier emails or not. This is key, as following up, even numerous times, is critical to get responses. Emails are also sent directly from your Gmail or google apps account, ensuring deliverability and avoiding spam folders. It works within your Gmail which is a blessing and a curse. It’s great because it lives right where you email, but the interface is small and takes some time to get used to.”

– Neal Taparia, CEO of Solitaired.Neal Taparia, CEO of Solitaired

Right Inbox: One of the best tools out there. It is really effective and so simple to use. Right Inbox allows you to open and link tracks with one click before you send it to your outreach email. It allows for follow-ups to be more timely, more relevant and more effective ultimately. You can send emails later with a schedule feature, perfect for international clients and customers. Make sure that they get it at the right time. And finally, they have email templates which can make emails so much quicker and easier. You can personalise the template to fit your needs, and it can make sure all emails are consistent.”

Jase Rodley, Entrepreneur.Jase Rodley, Entrepreneur I use as my cold emailing tool of choice now. It’s a comprehensive tool, helping me find leads and initializing automated drip campaigns with them. This tool allows me to check in on the progress at every stage and modify things as I see fit. It also has robust API integration and works well with a variety of other apps and services. It scrapes emails quickly and with decent accuracy.

I do wish the tuning was a bit better, as it’s not always as accurate as I’d like. It is a bit pricey, which is what turned me off to it initially. It’s also not the easiest to use. Setting up drip campaigns was easy, and it’s easy to see the status of leads at any time. But beyond that, I’ve found myself needing customer support on more occasions than I would have expected. Their customer support is usually pretty responsive and helpful, but it can take a bit of time to get simple questions answered.”

– Rex Freiberger, CEO of Gadget Review.Rex Freiberger, CEO of Gadget Review

The Art of B2B Email Outreach
Use this free e-book to put your company on a sizzling fast-track to growth!


So there you have it. A list of 11 tools specialised for cold email outreach. You surely don’t wash all your clothes by hand but put them in the washing machine instead. Although some labels clearly indicate you shouldn’t. Sending outreach emails by hand also has its perks. But we’re living in the age of technology where the benefits of using automation tools outweigh the cons.

What are you looking for in the perfect email outreach tool? Do you have a favourite one?