Do you remember the times when we had to go and do everything ourselves?

If we were hungry, we had to cook our dinner.

If we needed some groceries we had to go to the supermarket ourselves.

The same was for clothes, cosmetics and every kind of service.

I remember when I was a kid and my grandparents used to send me to the store to buy some bread, or eggs for my grandma to make a cake, or tobacco for my granddad.

My delivery services were in exchange for a lollipop, or some candy bars.

Pretty cheap delivery, right?

But for me, the lollipop represented much more than a sugary snack.

It was the beginning of my bartering services.

My grandparents planted the seeds of entrepreneurship within me.

And I did my best watering and growing them.

But not everybody had a small kid around, running errands for them.

So, they had to leave what they were doing, to go and grab something from the store.

These were the times back then, and now we have it much easier.

We have a delivery service a call away.

Everything is a click away from us.

A new jacket? – Just put it in the cart. It will arrive at your door in no time.

No time to cook dinner? – Just call your favourite restaurant and it will be served at your table before you say ‘pizza’.

The same goes for plumbing services, laundry and dry-cleaning services, massages, hygiene products, drinks, plants, toys and whatever pops into your mind.

Just put it in the cart, swipe your credit card and it’s yours.

Outreach as a service is no different.

Find the right outreach expert provider and it will be delivered to you in a ready-chewable form.

However, these experts that craft and create your very productive outreach campaign that will bring you the many leads that you’ve always dreamed of, need all the help that they can get. Technically speaking, they need the right equipment to help themselves first, so they can later help you. And speaking in outreach terms they need the right Google Chrome extensions to stay on top of their game.

Here’s why we all need them and why they can make our prospecting flourish.

Chrome extensions for more leads-scheme

Using Chrome extensions to boost your prospecting

Outreach experts and professional salesmen know how their way around an inbox. That’s why the majority of them have powered up their inbox and browser with Google Chrome extensions.

Google Chrome remains firmly at the top of the list when it comes to the most used web browser. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering how user-friendly and customizable Google Chrome can be!

Make Chrome your own through the use of extensions, or apps that add new functionality to the browser. These top 7 Google Chrome extensions used by outreach specialists and salespeople can make you more productive so that you’ll have more time for the activities most critical for finding success in your sales role.

To crack you up a bit, the first thing you’ll need when setting up the environment, are some tools that can help you during the prospecting process.

If you don’t already have a Google account, create one so that you can align your Gmail profile with a Google Chrome profile.

I and my team use Chrome extensions, which save us a lot of time.

This one goes without saying, but a LinkedIn account is also essential.

In addition to these two main tools, we also use several Chrome extensions that will save you time. These extensions change a lot so we will do our best to update this blog post frequently.

Another thing is, when you are looking for new prospects, you can, of course, contact them via LinkedIn or by email.

For this connection to happen, you need their email address.

And by their address, we don’t mean a generic company email, but a direct email to the most relevant person you can target.

There are several ways you can find personal contact information. There are so many tools, scrappers and email finders, as well as databases, and so many new ones that appear every day.

Another approach is to look for any email from that company and work out the email pattern that the company uses:, and so on.  You can then apply that pattern to the person you need.

There are several Chrome extensions that can help you screen the company website and see all the existing emails on the web. At the end of the day, all we are looking for is to boost our sales productivity, right?

And it seems like the struggle just keeps getting harder and that there is always so much to do on a daily basis. From organizing to pitching and to closing the final deal, the whole sales cycle is lengthy and extremely time-consuming. This is why we need the top, the very best of the best sales Chrome extension tools to step into our sales game.

They make your way of functioning much more effective and efficient. Once you start using these tools, you will start to feel like you have a team of little elves helping you out at every step of the way.

The Chrome Web Store might just feel like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. And, being the nice and friendly bees that we are, we at BizzBee Solutions are ready and more than happy to provide you with a map to the pot of gold. You’ll pay for our beer later, don’t worry. 😉 However, we ask you to use your discretion with regards to deciding on which you’d like to use or not. That being said, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

The 7 free Chrome extensions list



Hunter works through massive amounts of data in order to create connections between professionals. Hunter organizes the data gathered from billions of public web pages and distributes it through tools that anyone can use. Believe us when we tell you, when we say anyone, we mean literally anyone. 


Hunter makes it incredibly easy to reach out to other professionals. They help salespeople, recruiters, and marketers connect with the most relevant people with the help of some really simple and powerful tools. This extension lets you find email addresses from anywhere on the web with just one click, and yes, in case you were wondering, yes they are GDPR compliant.​​


For Hunter, you need to create a free account and get 25 free searches every month. Each time you visit a website, you can get a list of e-mail addresses with the domain of the site you’re visiting. The extension uses the first name, the last name, and the company’s domain to find the e-mail address in the database. At BizzBee, we find this very helpful, as you can figure out the format the company uses to create the e-mails. Once you have established a certain e-mail pattern for the company, it should be incredibly easy to find the right e-mail. Also, you can search for other domains the company uses, and use Hunter to see if there are email addresses with those domains. BizzBee also uses Hunter for finding generic e-mail addresses.​

Snovio Email Finder


Snovio Email Finder is the right solution for sales representatives, marketers, start-ups, recruiters and anyone who relies on email outreach or outbound research. Snovio’s Email Finder for Chrome can find your prospective leads’ emails, put them into mailing lists to get replies and nurture leads automatically.


You can use Snovio’s Email Finder for collecting leads on company websites, blogs, search results pages and anywhere online.


Snovio offers a forever free, renewable plan with 50 monthly credits and 100 drip campaign recipients for you to try out all the tools and features. The extension for finding emails is pretty simple to use since it allows you to find email addresses with a simple click while you are on a website. You should simply go to the website you want to get the email address from and then click on the icon in your browser. Snovio can also be used for validating emails and drip campaigns.​

Snovio LI Prospect Finder


Snovio’s LI Prospect Finder is a great extension to get targeted leads on LinkedIn. You can easily find leads and collect prospect profiles on LinkedIn. The easiest way to collect data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator profile pages, company pages, and filtered search results pages.


To streamline your prospecting, it will be really nice for you to make the right combo, mixing Sales Navigator with’s LI Prospect Finder and have the best recipe for scaling your lead generation process. This way you will fill your funnel with quality B2B email contacts and boost sales, too.

How? LI Prospect Finder offers free 50 monthly credits. You can collect emails from the prospects’ LinkedIn profile pages, find and collect prospects from search pages, collect company leads from LinkedIn and find leads and collect their contacts on Sales Navigator.

Hola VPN


Hola VPN ( is a great and free VPN solution for outreach specialists. It counts more than 100 million users, spanning around the globe. Hola VPN is a community-powered (Peer-to-Peer) VPN, where users help each other make the web accessible for all, by sharing their idle resources.​


​Our outreach bud Hola is a great extension that BizzBee uses to access websites from all over the world. Often in our line of work, we encounter websites that are blocked or can’t be accessed from our country, so we use Hola to gain access to VPN addresses from other countries. Hola allows you to access the website and you gain insight into otherwise unreachable data.​​


​Very easy. Just go to the website you need, click on the extension, chose the country you want to browse from, and you are good to go.​​ Email Search and Outreach extension


Using the Reply Chrome extension will enable you to search for new leads in order to later engage with your automated outreach campaigns, boost your productivity by having direct access to your tasks, automatic data sync between Reply and your CRM, and direct calls.


It’s an answer-to-your-outreach-prayers for just any organization. As well as to the following teams: Sales teams looking to engage both outbound and inbound leads, recruiters hunting for candidates, start-ups founders and executives trying to raise funds. Connect with mentors, or grow their personal network, business development professionals expanding strategic partnerships and marketing teams doing link building, influencer, or publisher outreach.


Reply’s Chrome extension offers free 200 business emails from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, which you can export via CSV file. You can discover prospects on LinkedIn with bulk email finder, automate your sales outreach with Reply sequences and even book meetings on Zoom with qualified leads.

Zoom Scheduler


Zoom Scheduler is a Chrome extension that allows you to integrate the Zoom video conferencing software with the Google Calendar. With a few mouse clicks, you can then plan a video conference, report it on your calendar and invite the participants to the meeting. The options allow you to establish an event ID, configure a possible password for it, establish audio and video configurations for both hosts and participants, as well as enable or disable the ability to record the event. Pretty cool, innit?


The Zoom Scheduler Chrome Extension allows participants to schedule Zoom cloud meetings directly from their Google Calendar. With a simple click of a button, you can start an instant meeting or schedule a future meeting. The meeting URL and information is sent via a Google Calendar invitation so the attendee can join with a single click. 


With a few simple clicks, the free Zoom Scheduler Chrome Extension will make it possible for you to start or schedule an instant meeting for yourself or for others.

Right Inbox: Email Reminders, Tracking, Notes


Right Inbox is a Gmail productivity tool that allows users to schedule emails and also set reminders for follow-ups. The Signature feature enables toggling between multiple email signatures in one click and lets the users pick the one that seems fit.


Right Inbox is quite a useful Gmail extension for all sales, recruiting and marketing professionals. It allows you to send emails later, email tracking, recurring emails, email notes, email reminders, follow up emails, templates, signatures, CRM & more. Available as a browser plugin for Gmail, Right Inbox adds features like scheduled emails, email reminders, private notes and recurring emails to existing Gmail functionality. Pretty useful if you prefer to use Gmail for your outreach campaigns.


Right Inbox’s free version has more features than the others. Plus, it has a very low learning curve. All you need to do is install and start using immediately. It’s that easy. The free version allows you to send 10 Send Later emails, 10 Reminder emails and 10 private notes per month. Unlimited features are CRM Sync, Smart Link Previews and Embedded GIFs.

Building Your B2B Prospects List
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So these were some of the best Google Chrome Extensions for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to embark on the outreach adventure. Being an entrepreneur, there’s always so much to do and so much to achieve. The list just keeps getting longer and more exhaustive, so you and your team will need all the help you can get to make your days less heavy and your prospecting dish less sour. You can never afford to stay behind the schedule or your competitors for that matter.

Therefore, it is important that you stay on top of your game. Start by saving some valuable time on searching for prospects. And with more time on your hands, anything is possible.

As a busy businessperson, you need to focus your energy and time in the right direction and automate all the tasks that you possibly can. This way you’ll be more productive and more successful in generating new sweet leads. That’s when all these Google Chrome extensions can come in handy. Once you have them installed, they’ll be here whenever you need them. So why not add them to your browser today? Who knows what might come into use at which instance.

So, which one of the Google Chrome extensions did you like the most? Do you currently use any of the aforementioned Google Chrome extensions?