Generating quality leads is a marketer’s most important objective. Moreover, only 1 in 10 marketers feels that their lead generation campaigns are effective. If you are one of those companies that are not getting the results you want, you may be making some common B2B lead generation mistakes.

7 B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

At this time, we list 7 B2B lead generation mistakes that companies do when it comes to lead generation and tips on how to avoid them. You will be surprised which of these you are making.

Mistake 1: Not knowing the buyer

Companies often forget to properly identify the nature of their target audience. for example what they prefer, what they react to and whether they are interested. If you’re pitching to the wrong audience, it is a huge waste of time and it will cost you a lot of money. As a result. it is essential to analyze your prospects before you approach them with your sales pitch.

What to do?

Effective marketing strategy demands to target specific audiences at each stage of their buyer’s journey. If you don’t have time to make that kind of detailed research, you can use an external lead generation company to help you target people who are truly interested in what you have to offer. BizzBee Solutions conducts a detailed preparation for defining an Ideal Client Profile (ICP). First, we arrange an introductory meeting with the client to learn more about their business, agree on the right scope of work and define the criteria for targeting their ideal clients. Second, we do our independent research to make sure we are targeting their right client.

Mistake 2: Ignoring the power of social media

By ignoring social media, you miss out on an enormous opportunity to reach and engage with your target market. According to a recent statistic, 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level executives use social media to support their purchase decisions. In other words, this demonstrates that social media is incredibly important to B2B marketing because it’s an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise, attract qualified leads and educate prospects.

What to do?

To get started using the power of social media for improving your strategy, identify the channels most appropriate to your industry. Without a doubt, B2B companies are most active on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Try to post a few times a day, share articles, eBooks and white papers. Importantly don’t forget to use calls-to-action in your posts.

With all the new social channels that continue to appear, it’s never safe to assume you know what works because of experience. Therefore, the best way to find out what works for your campaign is testing different platforms.

Mistake 3: Treating all prospects the same

Not all prospects want to relate in the same way with the product or service you offer. As a result, some of them want to convert immediately. Others might prefer to learn more before taking action and do the purchasing. Even having that in mind, most of the companies, don’t take different prospect approaches when building a lead generation campaign.

What to do?

As a marketer, you need to identify and target buying personas, but also differentiate the content along the buying journey. Having that in mind, BizzBee Solutions creates specialized content for any email marketing campaign. First, we create email content, structuring 2 or 3 sequential messages. Second, we automate this process, sending the emails based on the content and sequence timing. Last, but not least, we respond to it on your behalf according to the previously agreed frequently asked questions that you provided us with.

Mistake 4: Relying on only one tactic

Do you think that a prospect will accept a meeting with you from a cold email? Maybe not. However, if you provide that prospect with an eBook that is relevant to their business in exchange for their contact information, it is more likely that they will accept a follow-up call to discuss the content. Prospects are usually skeptics when it comes to trying new things. It’s human nature. Companies tend to rely on one single tactic, and if it doesn’t work, they give up.

What to do?

The best way to get people to take advantage of your offers is a combination of several tactics. In addition to this, lead generation is a multi-step process. It takes multiple touches to draw prospects into the seduction of your services. Not only these touches need to be well-planned with a consistent message, at the right frequency, but also with the right mix of offers.

Mistake 5: Ignoring the old leads

You have already generated leads, launched your campaign, got your results, and then moved on from those leads to start generating new ones for your next campaign. Don’t be one of those companies. Using your leads only once is one of the most common B2B lead generation mistakes.

A survey by BPM Forum shows that over 80% of generated leads are never followed up. If you’re focused on the short-term leads, you might be missing out on a huge amount of opportunities.

What to do?

First, don’t let leads fall through the cracks. Develop a long-term nurturing plan to win your fair share of the 75% of prospects who are not ready to buy right now. Using your leads, again and again, can bring you so many more conversions! Second, to get help building your lead generation campaign, you may need an expert. At BizzBee Solutions, we offer lead generation packages that consist of a set of emails designed to make your prospect a buyer.

Mistake 6: Forgetting about lead nurturing

A lead generation goes hand in hand with lead nurturing. In fact, you may have the best leads in your database, ready and waiting for you to show them what you have to offer. But, if you forget to nurture these leads, they will never convert. If you’re not giving your leads what they signed up for, they won’t stick around for long.

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What to do?

Hence, don’t let leads fall through the cracks. Definitely, not every new lead is ready to purchase straight away. Hence, it is important that you keep nurturing that first spark of interest until you turn them into a lifelong customer. Develop a long-term nurturing plan to ultimately win all of your prospects, even those who are not ready to buy right now.

Mistake 7: Buying list from unqualified places

Are you having trouble generating a new list? It can be tempting to buy lists of bulk data that will work for your lead generation. If you buy a list from unqualified sources, you risk a small conversion rate and a huge unsubscribe rate.

What to do?

It is okay if you are not an expert at lead generation. However, instead of floundering around for months, wasting time and neglecting to bring in leads, consider getting some help early on.

Wrap up

To summarize, there are many more lead generation mistakes that could be added to this list. However, these are some of the most important ones that marketers make too often. In addition to this, for those ones who are looking at acquiring more and better-quality leads, you’re already in the right place. Let us help!