First and foremost, imagine that you run a marketing campaign on LinkedIn with the goal to generate B2B leads. Apart from the campaign in progress, you also receive a steady influx of organic leads that will be interested in visiting your website. In total, you end up with a list of 300 people who seem to be interested in what you have to offer.

My question here is: How will you know which of those 300 leads will convert into long-term customers? Let me try with another example.

Obviously, you just started to warm up your leads, booking one-on-one demos and running sales meetings. How can you be sure that a lead is worth the effort? Or whether the best course of action you should take after your first meeting is to nurture that lead?

It’s important to point out that you can start engaging with every lead that you have generated. Keep in mind that by the time you reach the last one, there is an enormous risk that you have missed a chance. For example, a chance to develop a deeper relationship with someone who wants to use your product at that point in time. Definitely, this is the part where lead qualification comes in.

Generate 6.000 qualified b2b prospects for 3 months

Following, in this article, you will discover how you can generate 6.000 qualified b2b prospects for 3 months. But first, let’s reflect on why it is important for B2B sales to qualify their leads before getting into the outreach action.

Only 25% of leads qualify as ideal customers of a business and 75% of them never even convert, states a survey by Hubspot. On top of that, the study reveals that about 73% of the business leads that are generated online, are not sales-ready, and what is worse – about 50% are qualified, but not willing to purchase your solution.

Ignoring lead qualification

To summarize, ignoring lead qualification will cause:

  • Time waste (chasing prospects that don’t have the budget for what you are offering or are not interested in closing the deal);
  • Opportunities lost (wasting time to follow up every lead you generated will result in losing some of the best leads that may require more nurturing to convert);
  • Closing deals with a short lifespan (approaching all leads in your sales pipeline can result in a few short-term deals).

What’s more, neglecting to qualify your B2B leads will increase the chances that you will end up closing more short-term deals at the price of leaving more lucrative long-term deals on the table.

Furthermore, 67% of your lost sales are caused by leads that weren’t qualified, says research by Steven Tulman. Unfortunately, this is something that often happens when business owners are giving commission or are setting high targets for their sales representatives.

Additionally, you can solve this concern by creating clear qualification criteria. Thus, your sales team won’t be pressured to focus on leads that would not fit your ideal account persona.

Besides, the downsides of not investing time and resources in the lead qualification should be crystal clear by now. So, what can you do to effectively qualify your leads in such a way that your sales approach remains focused on market growth?

Indeed, to help you boost your pipeline with qualified b2b prospects, BizzBee Solutions team created an Outbound Growth Plan that will boost your pipeline in just 3 months. To make sure you get the best of your leads, we are willing to fill your sales funnel with 2000 high-relevant and carefully selected leads per month.

A vital part of this bullet-proof strategy is the Lead qualification process.

Before a lead is pushed into the sales funnel, our experiences team determines whether a prospect fits your ideal account profile (IAP). Moreover, we check all the criteria if that particular prospect has a real chance of becoming a client of yours and most importantly if he/she has a chance of being a long-term customer.

Can they afford my solution?

While generating all the data available on your prospect, we do our research to discover whether they will be able to afford the solution you are offering. Or not. This is the very first parameter for us to qualify leads. Investing in a lead that does not have the budget for your service/product is just a shot in the dark. It ends up wasting time and energy.

In addition, to ensure that this scenario won’t happen, our team is confirming we have all the right data sets to qualify a B2B lead.

Am I talking to the right person?

In our previous articles, we mentioned the importance of knowing whether we are talking to the right person (the decision-maker). If we realize that we are not, our team manages to get in touch with the right decision-maker of a targeted company through the current person or through further networking.

Which are my prospect needs?

Definitely, the next thing we do is try to understand the needs of our potential customers and if we can tackle those needs with our solution. We try to identify what their business goals are, their pain points and challenges they are facing, their fears and hopes and many more factors. This helps us establish a foundation before we reach them and offer your product/service.

Is this the right time?

Without a doubt, there can be multiple factors that one way or another, influence the buying process. Moreover, with a goal to keep your sales process fully optimized, we try to understand where the prospect’s place is in this buying journey and if their timeline is leading up to close this deal.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach

To conclude, every company has different challenges. Also, they have a different market they try to expand within, which changes at its own pace. That is the main reason why our lead qualification process is built upon the changing market needs as well as our client’s business goals. A note to remember – always qualify before you sell!

Above all, as we promised in the beginning – with our Outbound Growth strategy in action, it is more than achievable to generate 6.000 qualified b2b prospects for 3 months.

Last, but not least, ready to start? Ask for a free consultation today: