Many business people are confident that they can complete every given task, sometimes going beyond their limits to what can be done by a person, no matter how well organized their attempts are. However, trying to conduct every piece of work by yourself usually leads to exhaustion. Sometimes, every company needs help from experts. In the meantime, technologies and automation are rapidly developing along with rising expectations of salespeople. With this scenario, a successful lead generation is becoming a more complicated and complex process. If you outsource your B2B lead generation, your company can focus on enhancing products and services while the outsourcing agency is doing the work for you by implementing your marketing campaign and gathering high-quality leads.

If you have ever used lead generation software, you are probably aware that this feature saves a lot of time because it is automated and will obviously skip all the manual work. But, the accuracy of the leads you will get is very low and they will be insufficient. According to a recent survey by Forrester Research, only 5% of marketers make use of a full-featured marketing automation solution for lead generation. This is why even the industry leaders highly recommend the help from the B2B lead generation services.

Thus, these are the five benefits why you should outsource your B2B lead generation:

Reason 1: New sales qualified leads

Placing your lead generation campaign in the hands of experts will not only help you improve your quantity of new leads but also their quality. Also, the outsourcing agency will carefully choose the best prospects for your campaign according to the previously given brief and the Ideal Client Profile (ICP) that was created. They will make sure that they deliver to your sales team qualified leads that are ready to purchase your solution. As a result, this will help you increase your lead conversion rate and your company will stay a step ahead of the competition. Furthermore, having a partner B2B lead generation company can help transform leads into warm appointments. Moreover, it can prevent them from becoming cold contacts again.

Reason 2: Fewer resources needed

When outsourcing, you convert fixed costs into variable costs. In other words, it releases capital that you can invest somewhere else. From one hand, this allows you to do multiple things with less time and efforts too. Also, hiring new salespeople can be expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, it is simpler and cheaper to outsource your b2b lead generation campaign.

Reason 3: Improved client satisfaction

If you have the right outsourcing partner, they will do everything to deliver the best experience possible for your prospective customers. Furthermore, the agency will demonstrate its dedication to your campaign. This will increase the chances that you get high-quality leads and happy future customers.

Reason 4: Lower risks

With the SaaS market being so unstable, every business investment involves a certain degree of risk. The outsourcing agency will use their expertise and manage the market, competition, technology and regulatory risks instead of you.

Reason 5: Fewer responsibilities

If you decide to go with an outsourcing agency, you will be able to focus your time and energy on other tasks, without neglecting the quality of one task for the sake of another. This will allow your team to concentrate more on other important assignments. The agency will do all the time-consuming and costly labor instead of you. In the end, you will receive metrics-driven, quantifiable feedback on the results of your lead generation campaign.

To sum up, the main idea here is to hand over the implementation of your B2B lead generation efforts, while you can invest your time in improving your services, speaking to your customers, and closing deals.

The right time for outsourcing

According to marketing professionals, the right time to leave your lead generation in the hands of experts is:

  • If you have no existing data to create your own campaign.
  • If you have lack of knowledge how to gather high-quality leads.
  • If you want to expand your brand to another target market.
  • If you plan to invest in a niche market and meet bigger sales targets.
  • If you want to expand your business to another geographical location.
  • If you need a fresh pair of eyes for your marketing/sales strategies.
  • If you need help, but you can’t afford to hire new people.
  • If your team doesn’t have the time to conduct the campaign by themselves.


To conclude, every company has different needs in terms of the business results they want to achieve. Relying on the help and expertise of lead generation professionals who know what they are doing, will definitely get you closer to reaching your business goals. In the end, delegating your lead generation activities to professionals outside your company will give you more time to focus on the much bigger tasks your company has. For example, you will have time to focus on actively growing, improving the services and running the business.

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