Sending your first email marketing newsletter is when the fun truly begins. The content is sent to the consumer’s inbox and everyone in the marketing team is waiting for the results to come.

A part of the feedback will be visible in your inbox. Or consumers might comment on your fan page and visit your website right after receiving your email newsletter.

We already said previously on our blog that email marketing is the best way to reach your target customers. Basically, you send your marketing messages directly to their inbox wherever they are.

But on the flipside, email marketing is also a huge responsibility for companies.

People don’t just give their email addresses to everyone that asks them to do it. You have to earn the consumer’s email address. And when you earn it, you have to justify that by providing value.

Email marketing tips

So when you think of sending a newsletter to your subscribers, you might as well think of the following email marketing tips that we will discuss below.

1. Email subscription should be “a piece of cake”

Make it easy for your interested customers to subscribe to your email list. You can integrate a sign-up form in your website, on your Facebook fan page, and on your other channels where your potential clients look for you.

Try to shorten the subscription process too. The truth is, no one will want to answer more than 2 or 3 questions in a subscription form or on a landing page. Along subscription form petrifies the consumers away, guaranteed.

2. Tell your subscribers what value you’ll provide upfront

Before people hand you their email addresses, they have to know for what purposes you’re trying to get their email address. It’s the same as shopping. People got to know what they will spend their money on. No one buys an invisible product.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to send regular updates for the company’s behavior on the market, e-commerce links with products or weekly/daily tips for customers. What matters is to tell them what they’re going to get upfront and to be completely transparent towards your subscribers.

The best way to notify your future subscribers on what value you provide is right there in your subscription form. You should insert the appropriate amount of information in your sign-up form and let people decide whether they want to subscribe to your newsletter or not.

3. Make your email newsletter easy to read

Don’t be fooled by the fact that someone just subscribed to your email newsletter. That doesn’t mean that the person will read your 2000 words time-consuming email newsletter.

An email newsletter should be concise and to the point. Because the truth is, there’s a huge possibility that your subscribers are busy people. And it’s highly likely that your subscribers have a lot of tasks to do during their workday.

So you might as well appreciate that chunk of time that they made for subscribing to your newsletter in the first place.

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4. If you can segment your subscribers in different groups, do it

If you have content and products that serve for different purposes, you might as well segment your newsletter in groups of subscribers.

For example, it’s likely that a mom of 3 little kids is more interested in household and kitchen products than in garage tools. So if you run that kind of products store, it is not recommended that you send the same bulk newsletter to every subscriber.

Because for every different product there is a different target customer and a different market. Sending appropriate content to every consumer will help you in keeping your customers and to spread the good word about your brand.

5. Monitor statistics and engagement

Statistics are the gateway drug for your email newsletter success. What is really important is to understand what to keep your eyes on when measuring your email marketing campaign.

You should track your email open and click rate and you should also take notice of every pattern that makes these numbers rise or fall. If your latest email marketing campaign resulted in unsubscribing from a consumer, then that’s a sign that you need to change something in your strategy.

We hope that these 5 email marketing tips will help you to improve your marketing campaign. If you still haven’t included email marketing in your marketing strategy, now is the right time to do it. Email marketing targets the exact customers that your business needs. You can measure your messages, segment them and change them to increase your open and engagement rates.

Use the email marketing tips above and with the right strategy and the right email marketing skills, your business will create deeper connections with consumers and will produce a better return on investment as a result.

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