Let’s start. Is your marketing team dealing with outdated or inaccurate B2B database? Do you have trouble with sending ineffectual marketing pitches that end up in the spam folder? Are you wasting your sales reps time on irrelevant leads stuck in your funnel? If yes, continue reading.

In addition to this, in the next few minutes, you will have a clear idea of how to build a quality B2B database. It will take you only 3 months. Ready?

Important statistics outlining

Following, here are some statistics outlining the costly impact of data decay that you should pay attention to:

  • First, 62% of organizations rely mostly on prospect data that is up to 40% inaccurate;
  • Second, 40% of business objectives fail because of an inaccurate database;
  • Third, up to 25% of B2B database contacts contain critical errors (outdated contact info, wrong data entry, etc).

Is it really worth it?

You are probably already familiar that the quality of your B2B database has a direct influence on the success of your marketing and sales efforts. But still, there are so many companies missing out on great lead generation opportunities due to one simple fact: their databases are not updated (or worse – they are full of irrelevant leads). Are you one of those?

Even if you are using the most advanced marketing technology solutions to generate leads, the obvious truth is that this is not going to be a very effective base without clean, accurate and complete data. I cannot deny the power of the sales enablement tools, but to make sure you get the best of your leads – the human touch is necessary.

According to a report from Netprospex on State of Marketing Data: “a large number of demand generation marketers are prioritizing lead quality over lead volume.”

4 easy steps to build a quality B2B database

Here are 4 easy steps that we take to build a quality B2B database for our clients.

Step 1: Identify Ideal Account Profile

Definitely, in my recent article, I have over and over again mentioned the importance of identifying your target client as a pretty important step.

Before we even start building your list, we want to determine who your ideal account is. This will ensure that you only spend your time and energy communication with prospects who do have a genuine need for your product/service, and thus, are more likely to convert.

So, we start by analyzing your existing customers’ behavioral patterns and identify the pattern of the most profitable collaborations. At the same time, we reveal features that are unique to specific buyer groups.

Furthermore, we do some industry research on your potential audience. Not only we dive deep into their firmographics, revealing the decision-maker within companies but also we discover companies’ pain points and psychological factors that may trigger them to buy from you.

Step 2: Establish a Quality B2B Database

It is important to point out that our team is trained to carefully evaluate and qualify the most valuable and most effective leads that are likely to be interested in purchasing your solution. Additionally, to make things easier, we make sure to organize all the information we have collated into a spreadsheet. We organize your leads by lifecycle stage and whether they passed the qualification criteria or not.

Additionally, we create a template with all the necessary information with details such as title, first name, last name, phone number, email, geographical location, lead source, pain points, hopes, fears, buying intentions, interaction notes and many more.

Besides, we organize this information from the start in your favor. All you need to do is to import that spreadsheet into your CRM and you are ready to start prospecting.

Now that we have identified a list of your target customers, it is time for a sales funnel boost. In parallel, we are building out targeted lead lists for future email and LinkedIn campaigns.

When built correctly, your database will help you get more valuable insights from your prospects that will lead to greater deals closed.

Step 3: Segment Your Content

Absolutely, segmenting your prospects into different subcategories will help you create more targeted content. Tailoring a message with content that will speak directly to them, will increase the chance of people being more interested in your offer, and as a result – lead to more sales. And by identifying which prospects are the most profitable for you, you can allocate more of your content to nurture them.

Step 4: Reach the right people at the right place

In addition, the purpose of B2B database building is to create a list that will be highly accurate and targeted. You don’t have that luxury to spend weeks or even months emailing a lead on your list, only to realize that this person wasn’t a good fit for your product from the very beginning. Or worse – that they no longer work at the company.

A Suggestion For You

Obviously, having in mind that salespeople often struggle to engage with the right people, we developed a strategy that will help you hit your sales targets quicker than ever before.

Moreover, as a part of our Outbound Growth Strategy, we can develop an IAP instead of you and identify the companies and key decision-makers and influencers that you want to target.

At the same time, we will reveal all the required information for them and create and implement an effective Email and LinkedIn campaigns to nurture them and hold their hand while they are moving through the buying journey. After 3 months, you will receive 6000 warmed leads ready to buy. Isn’t that amazing?


To conclude, are you ready to turbo-charge your B2B database? As a result, give us for 3 months, and we will give you 6.000 qualified prospects in return. Last, but not least, schedule your free consultation today: https://www.bizzbeesolutions.com/outbound-growth-strategy