Take a minute to imagine a businessman you deeply respect. Think of that person at the start of their career, how hard they have worked on a product or service to eventually make it big. Regardless of whom you have chosen, chances are that that person had a growth-oriented business mindset from the outset.

Why Business Growth is essential?

Let’s face it, growth is essential for any business. Undoubtedly, it will remain the same in 2020 too. If you are not growing as a company, your competitors are. The moment you stop growing is the moment you give away the lion’s share of the market to your (more ambitious) competition. As a consequence, your desired audience (that is probably theirs too) is more likely to choose their services or products instead. Moreover, they will over-run you in a blink of an eye.

Indeed, according to Gartner’s 2019 research, the biggest challenge for B2B companies remains to find the right strategies to help them achieve growth.

But why studies only focus primarily on market growth? To achieve this, don’t we need to develop a business growth mindset first?

At BizzBee, we believe an organization that adopts a growth mindset will position itself to thrive. It all comes down to developing, advancing, expanding, and seeing the opportunity and potential in every moment, every individual you hire, every strategy you apply.

Developing a growth mindset will move your business forward and position your brand, and its people for growth and success in 2020 and above.

Also, talent can be stimulated. Creativity and innovation can be strengthened too. Your growth strategy can be boosted as well. People hold potential. So does your set of business moves.

Still, far too many companies don’t know how to grow (one way or another). Are you one of them?

We created this article to inspire you by sharing our Outbound growth strategy for B2B companies that are ready to make 2020 their most prosperous year ever.

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5 key aspects you should include in your outbound strategy

Here, we share 5 key aspects you should include in your outbound strategy to stay on top of the game in 2020.

Invest Time in Developing Your Ideal Account Profile (IAP)

Developing an Ideal Account Profile from scratch is not just about firmographic data anymore. As a result, our team at BizzBee Solutions created a matrix that consists of 3 steps to develop an IAP that is likely to purchase your solution.

1: Firstly, do your research and generate relevant firmographics data (industry, location, company size, revenue, etc);

2: Secondly, find out and create a list of decision-makers of your targeted companies;

3: Thirdly, reveal their pain points and additional psychological factors that will trigger them to buy from you.

Build a Highly-Relevant Database

Now when you have a list of targeted companies along with their decision-makers, it is time to charge your sales funnel with the most qualified of them. To make sure you get the best of your leads, our team prepared to complete this task instead of you. We can fill your sales funnel with 2000 high-relevant and carefully selected leads per month.

The preferred period for achieving the best sales goals is 3 months. Speaking in numbers, this means 6.000 high-quality leads inserted in your funnel. How great is that?

Additionally, this means that you won’t have to deal anymore with irrelevant prospects that your expensive sales enablement tool generated for you. We can assure you that there is a way to get a lower cost per lead that will be a quality one.

It All Comes Down To Creating Relevant Content

Start by asking yourself: Would you consider buying the product/service after reading a message that is too general? What are the odds you buy from them when they don’t even bother to mention your name in the email? Almost zero.

So, how do we at BizzBee use this human behavior to our advantage? To answer this question, we will rely on developing an Ideal Account Profile. As a result, our team makes sure to examine everything about our IAP, their buying signals, feelings, hopes, needs, pain points, etc. After we have all this info gathered, then we sit down and type the most relevant copy that will speak directly to the prospect.

Email Outreach

It should be noted that 79% of B2B companies state that email is their most successful channel when it comes to reaching their target audience. These statistics just confirm that we have developed a great business growth foundation to utilize the power of email in 2020, too.

LinkedIn Outreach

Clearly, with options for easily getting in touch with a decision-maker, LinkedIn is shown to be the most effective social network for us and for the B2B world in general. Thus, we use this to our advantage to help our clients establish their company as a thought leader in their industry and increase their chances of closing deals. LinkedIn is making it easier than ever for companies to grow.

Importantly, t BizzBee, we are focusing on doing what works best. This is why as a part of our B2B Outbound Growth strategy we combine Email and LinkedIn outreach forces together by sending up to 250 emails and LinkedIn messages to our carefully selected B2B leads (we track their open rate and click rate too).

To Summarize

To conclude, at BizzBee, we strongly believe that the business growth mindset is not only a strategy that will help you survive 2020 and be a step forward but also it is also the key to your company’s long-term survival. In order to be competitive and stay a relevant player on the market, your company needs to grow.

Last, but not least, BizzBee team is happy to help you: https://www.bizzbeesolutions.com/outbound-growth-strategy