Email marketing has been around for almost 3 decades now. This is a marketing strategy that helps brands to create awareness. It also helps brands to engage with their community and to increase trust and loyalty into their brand. Increasing trust and loyalty directly results with an increased percentage of conversions and revisiting users. There is a lot more to say about email marketing

In essence, every email that we send for a business partnership or to pitch a product is an email marketing campaign. We are sending these emails for various purposes. These purposes go from encouraging business collaboration to persuading customers about the benefits of a product or a service. And of course, enhancing relationships with past customers.

The stats about email marketing prove that the industry is still going strong. This gigantic infographic created by WebSiteBuilder provides you with a total of 119 facts about the email marketing industry to help you better understand this niche. You will also find out what works in email marketing, and what doesn’t. And most importantly, you will learn what to do to ensure that your email marketing campaign will be a successful one.

about email marketing


E-mail marketing can be more efficient and more effectively. Our e-mail marketing approach is different, from identification of target market to sending a tailored and personalized e-mail.

BizzBee Solutions is here for you to help you form connections with your present and future customers through super-personalized and customer tailored email marketing service. We got more in-depth email marketing tips for your business and we have the resources plus the team to make your business different and more successful than your competition.