Lead Generation

BizzBee Lead Generation - targeted leads for you company!

Note: This services is only for companies that sell B2B products/services

What we offer:

Highly targeted company leads with contact information of the decision maker within the company. You only need to tell as what is your ideal client and we will find them for you. You can then focus on engaging with them.

Here is our 6-step approach:


If you already have a list of companies, or you already have criteria for grading, you can choose only the steps you need. Here are each of the in more details:

Step 1: Kick-off meeting

This meeting is to agree on the right scope and define criteria for ideal target companies. How is your ideal client? Where it is located? How big it is? What industry it operates?

Here are few examples:

  • Companies with up to 200 employees, that are based in Sydney
  • Companies with 200-500 employees, that are based in New York and work in finance industry
  • Companies with above 500 employees that are public and work in telecommunication industry
  • Companies that are medium-sized and sell pre-packaged software solutions, but have limited marketing personnel.

Step 2: Creation of list of potential companies based on defined demographics

Creation of list of potential companies. Based on the proposed demographics, we can build up a list of companies. These list are usually generated from LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Data.com and other alike portals where we have premium accounts.


As the list comes from web generators, in most of the cases it needs to be cleaned. This step is very important to remove all the non-existing and non-relevant companies from the list avoiding additional effort in engaging them.

The service envisions a person, manually going over each company, and checking if the web site still exists, if the company exists, and if exists whether it satisfies the initial pre-agreed criteria.

Step 4: Creation of criteria for grading the companies

As the companies are shortlisted we know that they are all relevant. However, to get a better comparison among them, we grade each of them from 0 to 100. This step creates the criteria for grading.

Here are few examples of criteria:

  • Have a very fancy web site
  • Does not have contact details on their web
  • Does not have recently updated posts on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter
  • Does not have forum on their page
  • Have published prices for their products/services
  • Have annual turnover of above $1.000.000
  • Use a lot of partners to sell

Step 5: Grading the companies

Once the criteria are being defined, we will manually go over each company and grade it based on the criteria.

Step 6: Finding Company’s decision maker and their e-mail address

Finding Company’s decision maker and their e-mail address. Companies that scored above a predefined threshold in Step 5, will be the final list of companies. For these companies we will find their decision maker and his personal e-mail address. We have several tools and control mechanisms for this, which guarantees only valid e-mails.

The final output will be an Excel file that will contain the following columns:

Grading Company Web site Name Surname Position E-mail address
98 Company XYZ www.xyz.com John Smith CEO john.smith@xyz.com
Jack Willson Director Jack.Willson@xyz.com


Also it can have any other additional column like person LinkedIn profile, or Company LinkedIn profile, or physical address, etc.

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