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With over a decade’s worth of industry experience, at BizzBee Solutions our valued clients represent and come from different backgrounds and industries. Focused on SMEs and startups, we believe in the consistency of hard work and the magic of efforts put in to achieve success. Our business model is vested in our philosophy, we leave you to focus on the core of your business while we take care of the rest for you. From formulating business plans to setting up market research campaigns and much more our experts align themselves with your organizations long term strategy and while you’re busy in materializing your aspirations we offer you a helping hand in achieving them.

Geared towards offering exacting services we understand how difficult entrepreneurship can be and how at times it’s difficult to balance multiple tasks – that is exactly why we work with you rather than for you to offer the right solutions. Focused on building long term partnerships with our clients, the success we have so far achieved is a testament to our commitment and passion.

Dancho Dimkov
CEO & Founder
Nikolina Ristoska
Project Manager
Maja Dimkova
Andrej Guskov
Junior Business Analyst
Hristina Tancheva
Project Manager
Zorana Milevska
Junior Business Analyst

Business is driven by innovation and aspiration, a mixture of the both creates a synergistic effect. While you are focused on innovation we work on the rest for you. Helping you meet deadlines for business plans, designing market research strategies and programs so you are able to get ahead of the curve, focusing on sales via delivering the right leads or even helping you in setting up procurement procedures and finding the right sourcing venues are just some of the services we offer.

At the start of any business enterprise there are a number of things which will keep you busy, each of which have a direct effect on your bottom line. You’re hands are full and you run from one meeting to another just to make things work, that is where we come in. We are an answer to all your conundrums and what’s more our approach towards assisting you ensures that you get what you ordered. In this respect our own approach is old fashioned – we sit with you and understand what you require while all at the sometime also comprehend any additional requirements which you may have and incorporate it within the finished product.

Simply browse around to gain a better understanding of the services which we are able to offer you. Remember these are flexible and can easily be customized to match your requirements.

Thank you for visiting our website today, the next thing you need to do is get on touch with us to set up an appointment so we can have an informal discussion to gain a better understanding of how and where can we help. While you’re browsing through feel free to have a look at our portfolio as well.

Business plan development 

As part of our business plan development service, we have worked with a diverse range of companies from the agricultural marketing industry to interior design. Our diverse portfolio shows our ability to deliver results regardless of the type of client we are working with.

Lead generation 

As detailed on our services page, we offer a lead generation service exclusively for B2B clients. Thus far, we have successfully aided companies in the fitness, banking and IT sectors etc. to take their business to the next level by providing them with the strategic plan they need to move their business forward.
For more details of our work – and how we have tailored our lead generation services to deliver the right results for individual companies – please click on the images under the lead generation heading.

Market research 

As our extensive portfolio shows, we have extensive experience in market research and we have worked with many high profile companies. Our work has included everything from conducting quantitative research for a U.S. based company to carrying out an extensive skills gap analysis for the agribusiness sector.
Our varied market research portfolio shows how, even with little information to work with, we deliver high quality results to our clients every time.

Product Sourcing 

Another area of specialization you will see demonstrated in our portfolio is product sourcing. You’ll see how our company has worked with a range of clients to help them source products that are essential to their business success.
As with all of our other services, we take our commitment to product sourcing seriously and you’ll notice from our portfolio the lengths we will go to satisfy our clients. From screening manufacturers to the sample ordering of products to check the quality of goods, we take every measure necessary to help our clients source the best product for their business.